10 Most Expensive Logos In The World

A logo is the company’s brand identity, and thus, it is one of the critical investments businesses make. The cost of some of the logos in the world is mind-boggling, making them super expensive.

A company forms its first impression on the minds of customers through its logo. This makes the logo one of the most significant aspects of a brand. Thus, it is not surprising that some of the most popular brands have invested a fortune behind the design of their logos.

The following is a list of the most expensive logos in the world.

10 City of Belfast

The City of Belfast’s logo is the famous heart-shaped block which is meant to look like the initial ‘B’ of Belfast. This logo came into existence in 2008.

The heart shape has significance as it conveys love and kinship, indicating that Belfast has moved on from its past of violence. The capital city of Northern Ireland has spent an impressive amount of about $280,000 in creating this logo.

9 2012 London Olympics

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The Olympics held in the year 2012, London spent a fortune behind the crafting of its fancy logo. It is reportedly one of the most expensive logos made by the committee.

The Olympics committee in London spent an impressive $625,000. This logo was designed by Wolff Olin’s, a consultancy firm based in London.

8 City of Melbourne

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The logo adopted by the City of Melbourne was also as extravagant as the London Olympics logo of 2012. Landor Associates designed the Melbourne logo.

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The design of this logo costs a sumptuous $625000. It was introduced in the year 2009 to promote Melbourne’s new corporate identity.

7 Pepsi

The Logo of Pepsi is known for its classic color palette of red, blue, and white. The brand has smartly kept these colors intact in its new logo, although they have made changes in its design.

The color proportions have altered slightly alongside the design and form. The brand redesigned its logo in 2008, and it is seen as a move to compete with Coca-Cola. The brand spent a massive amount of $1,000,000 for this new logo.


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The logo designed by British Broadcasting Channel in 1997 was a significant investment for them. It cost about $180,000, making it a huge deal back in 1997 and even today.

There might be several variations of the BBC logo. However, the most popular of them is the design where the alphabets ‘B B C’ are white against three black squares.


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The ANZ logo was designed when the banks of Australia and New Zealand formulated a joint venture. This logo is an abbreviation that stands for the name of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.

The designers decided not to change the classic hues of blue and white while redesigning this logo. It cost the firm a fancy price of about $15,000,000.

4 Posten Norge

Posten Norge is the state-owned postal company of Norway and enjoys a monopoly in the country.

Introduced in 2008, the new logo was part of a rebranding campaign of the Posten Norge company. Given that this company is the only postal company for Norwegians, it is not astonishing that they spent about $55,000,000 on the new logo.

3 Accenture

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Landor Associates also designed the Accenture logo. It is a graphical representation of what the slogan ‘High Performance Delivered’ suggests.

The logo of Accenture has a mathematical sign on top of the word ‘Accenture,’ and the company paid a jaw-dropping $100,000,000.

2 British Petroleum

British Petroleum changed their 70-year-old logo in the year 2000 for ‘Helios’ signed one. It is an attractive design in green and yellow. The letters’ ‘bp’ are present on top of the design.

This logo cost British Petroleum an extravagant $211,000,000. Though, it was not unjustified as it was symbolic of BP’s promotion of green growth.

1 Symantec

The rebranding campaign of Symantec cost the company about a billion. The redesigning of the logo came at an astounding amount of $1,280,000,000.

The black tick or checkmark in the logo design is symbolic of their acquisition of Verisign. The tick mark is also symbolic of authenticity that the company tries to promote to make their customers feel secure.

A logo is not simply an image or a form. It is a representation of everything a company or a brand stands for. Thus, a lot of time, effort, money, and planning goes into concluding how a logo should look. Brands often change or improvise their logos as part of the rebranding.

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