16 Funny April Fools’ Day Instagram Captions That Will Help You Laugh Through All The Pranks

Monday, Apr. 1, is April Fool’s Day, which means that you shouldn’t believe anything anyone tells you and should be extra careful about what you sink your teeth into, at lest until Apr. 2. It also means you should play a lighthearted prank on your friends, even if that prank is only a funny post on social media. To ensure that your hoax post goes over well with your friends and followers, I’ve put together a list of funny April Fools’ Day captions.

Whether you go the faux sonogram route and announce sextuplets, or style some clip-in bangs, you’ll want make sure it’s clear that it’s only an April Fools’ prank by pairing the post with a great caption about the holiday. Here you’ll find a diverse collection of quotes, ranging from proverbs, to Shakespeare, to profound literary musings of contemporary writers — all encouraging us to lean into some comical relief.

I think we can all agree that it will be nice to take a break from fretting about everything going on in the world for a moment and have a laugh. Amirite? Happy April Fools’ Day, prank responsibly and make your social media posts double-tap-worthy by using one of these quotes as a caption.

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