20-Year-Old Prom Dress Gives A Teen A Second Chance At A Happy Ending After Hurricane Harvey

Tracy Maness had no idea her 20-year-old prom dress would serve such an incredible purpose.

Tracy Maness wore a stunning and elegant red dress with partially open back to her prom 20 years ago. When prom was over, she packed it away and left it at her dad’s house. She was sure it would never be worn again but she wasn’t ready to part with it.

The dress managed to survive Hurricane Harvey.

Fast forward 20 years and to Hurricane Harvey, Tracy’s father’s house was flooded in the chaos but her dress wasn’t damaged, the Huffington Post reports.

Tracy’s friends, the Ballestas, also fail victim to Harvey, having their apartment flooded. The family lost their furniture and many of their belongings.

In the wake of the disaster and trying to take care of the family, the Ballestas just couldn’t afford a prom dress for their teenage daughter, Maya Munoz.

Tracy offered her dress to Maya, hoping Maya would take it and wear it and enjoy it. Tracy knew she wouldn’t wear it again and wanted it to be loved by someone else.

Surprisingly, it fit Maya perfectly and looked fantastic even after sitting in a box for two decades and weathering a hurricane. The gown was red and full of sequins, a timeless look that fit the trend 20 years ago as well as today. The store where Tracy bought it from years ago, Tootsies in Houston, was even quite shocked that the dress was 20 years old and had been through Hurricane Harvey.

Maya felt nothing but hope and excitement after receiving the dress from Tracy. She said she was blessed to get a dress free in the first place, and lucky that it fit her body and her personality perfectly. Tootsies gave Maya earrings and shoes to match the dress, completely free, so she could be dressed from head to toe.

Seeing Maya in the same dress Tracy wore to prom just reassured her there was a reason she held on to the dress for two decades. Moreover, the cherry on top of the special moment for Tracy was the fact that Maya attended the same high school Tracy attended 20 years ago.

Tracy, Maya, and Maya’s family were surprised and grateful that the 20-year-old prom dress managed to fit the teenager so perfectly.

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