5 Victims Whose Killers Were Inspired By Dexter

Dexter, an American crime drama mystery television series that ran from 2006 to 2013 and was highly popular. Just how popular, you’ll soon see. Fans all over the world connected with the main character, Dexter Morgan, a man who has harbored psychopathic and homicidal tendencies since childhood. Instead of living the typical life of a serial killer who takes the lives of innocent people, however, Dexter’s murderous urges were carefully monitored by his adoptive father/policeman who suggested that he kill only the truly bad people of society who managed to wriggle free from the justice system.

Even though it may seem strange to connect with a serial killer—even a fictional one—some fans saw the character, Dexter as a sort of Robin Hood of righting wrongs. But other fans, like these five people featured here, let the line of fiction and reality blur and they also didn’t seem to fully understand that Dexter killed only bad people who were harmful to society. As big of fans as these real-life murderers claim to be, they seemed to have missed a big part of what makes the TV character tick. They took their obsession with a TV show way too far and instead of seeking out help, they caused an innocent person to suffer and die and now must face their consequences. Here are five murder victims whose killers were inspired by the show, Dexter.

Katrina Wardle Was Killed By Her Son, Mark Howe

In 2014, Mark Howe was twenty-one, worked as a care provider and was obsessed with the show, Dexter. So much so he reportedly told people that he wished he was the popular TV character. The young man from England is now looking at a twenty-one year stretch in prison for murdering his very own mother, forty-eight-year-old, Katrina Wardle. Howe had been searching online to find the exact kind of tools that Dexter used. He ended up stabbing Wardle fifty-three times with a twelve-inch knife. Oddly enough, Howe claimed amnesia after the murder but in the end, he pled guilty to the charges. He was arrested soon after the murder when police officers followed a trail of blood from the home to a post office cash machine and a local gas station on July 16, 2014.

Brittany Killgore And The Twisted Trio Of Murderers That Took Her Life

In 2012, the family of twenty-two-year-old Brittany Killgore from Fallbrook, California became concerned when they could not get ahold of her and they contacted the police. More alarming was that Killgore sent a text message to a friend that simply read “Help” shortly after she was seen getting into the truck of forty-nine-year-old former Marine staff sergeant Louis Ray Perez. Sadly, Killgore never returned home and never received the help she pleaded for. Her remains were discovered in Riverside County, California four days after she went missing. The prime suspect was Perez along with his two female roommates, forty-year-old Dorothy Maraglino, and twenty-eight-year-old Jessica Lynn Lopez. Their shared home in Fallbrook, which contained a dungeon with chains, whips, spiked collars and a stun gun that were used in the trio’s obsession with sadism and masochism.

Police found Lopez in a motel room where she had failed at committing suicide. Lopez confessed to her part in the crime, stating, “It was as if my idol, Dexter had spoken directly to me. I made a few attempts to chop her up like Dexter with Masters power tools but I was afraid it was too loud and it sucked at cutting flesh.” All three were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in November 2015.

Elizabeth Thomas Was Murdered By Her Teenage Boyfriend, Steve Miles

To say that sixteen-year-old Steve Miles of Surrey, England was obsessed with Dexter is putting it mildly. The teenager, who was on the autism spectrum and also happened to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, constantly talked about his favorite TV character, Dexter Morgan and eventually started telling people about “Ed.” “Ed”, as Miles told it, was his “dark passenger” that lived inside of him. Things came to a head on Jan. 14, 2014 when one seemingly ordinary day after school, Miles invited his seventeen-year-old girlfriend, Elizabeth Thomas over to his home. Once he was alone with her, he stabbed Thomas in the back, neck and in her head. Postmortem, Miles removed her arms and wrapped them up in cellophane as he put it, “Dexter would have done.” His sister came home from school about one hour after the murder and he simply told her that, “Ed made me do something bad.”

Conner Conley Lost His Life At Ten Years Old To His Older Brother, Andrew

Seventeen-year-old Andrew Conley from Rising Sun, Indiana had been fantasizing about killing since he was in the eighth grade. He also happened to be an avid Dexter fan. On Nov. 28, 2009, Conley was wrestling with his ten-year-old brother, Conner in the family home when things took a violent turn. He got his younger brother in a chokehold and refused to let go, even after the smaller boy pleaded to be released. Instead, Conley waited until his brother passed out before dragging him to the kitchen where he proceeded to strangle him for around twenty minutes until he died. Then he wrapped two plastic bags around his head before beating it into the kitchen floor. He put his brother’s body in the trunk of his car and drove to his girlfriend’s house. He gave her a promise ring and they decided to settle in and watch the movie, The Green Mile. After leaving her home, he dumped Conner’s body in the woods and later fed his mother a lie, stating that Conner was at his grandmother’s house. He later confessed without any remorse and was sentenced to life in prison in 2010. Later, his girlfriend told People that when Conley had come over to her home, he had never seemed happier.

Faiza Ashraf Was Murdered By Håvard Nyfløt Who Was Hired By Shamrez Khan

During 2010 in Norway, a bodybuilder who worked as a gas station attendant got a strange request from a taxi driver he knew in passing named Shamrez Khan. Khan asked the muscled man named Håvard Nyfløt if he would please kidnap a woman named Faiza Ashcraft. Khan admitted that he had been stalking her and she had recently rejected him. He wanted Nyfløt to torture her as punishment for breaking his heart. Nyfløt had a gambling debt to pay off and agreed. While preparing for the deed, he decided to watch some Dexter episodes and it hit him that Khan was actually more like someone that Dexter would kill, not Ashcraft. So he planned an elaborate murder plot to kill Khan in the woods but decided that Ashcraft needed to witness the murder to make it “even more perfect than Dexter.”

He did end up kidnapping her but didn’t think to take her cell phone away and she called police from the trunk of his car and told him that Khan was probably behind this, but the police weren’t able to track her location. Once in the woods, she managed to briefly escape but he caught her, put duct tape around her and placed her back in the trunk. She suffocated and died from the duct tape. Before he could get to Khan, the police already arrested him. In the end, Khan was sentenced to 19 years in prison while Nyfløt was sentenced to eighteen years.

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