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IF you think your pooch can't get any cuter, wait until you see them dressed in one of the best dog halloween costumes on the internet.

Spooky season is the perfect excuse to kit your doggo out in a (hilariously) scary costume – your trick-or-treaters won't help but giggle.

Whether you've got a daschund, cockapoo, labrador or bull terrier, there are so many choices out there with sizing that accommodates all breeds.

Even if you aren't a family who goes all out for Halloween dressing head-to-toe in fake blood and carving pumpkins, everyone loves a dog costume.

And the beauty of buying stuff for Halloween is that you can dig it out every year when October 1st hits to get in the mood.

From pumpkins and spiders to bow-ties and bat wings, we've found the best halloween costumes for dogs. Let's ghoul!

Best dog pumpkin costume: Pets at Home Halloween Pumpkin Dress Up Dog Costume Orange

  • Pets at Home Halloween Pumpkin Dress Up Dog Costume Orange, £8 from Pets At Home – buy here

As if a cushioned pumpkin outfit wasn't enough, Pets at Home have even added a matching hat to go all out. I'm not laughing, you are…

This costume comes in small, medium and large, so whatever breed your doggo, they won't miss out.

Best creepy dog costume: Deadly Doll Dog Halloween Costume

  • Deadly Doll Dog Halloween Costume, £12.87 from LightInTheBox – buy here

Referencing the '80s creepy doll character Chucky, this Deadly Doll costume for dogs has got to be one of the weirdest around.

The arms move as your dog runs around which is definitely enough to creep out anyone and everyone.

Best dog spider costume: California Costumes Collections Spider Pup Dog Costume

  • California Costumes Collections PET20149 Spider Pup Dog Costume, £21.59 from Amazon – buy here

Watching your hound waddle around dressed as a fluffy spider is definitely a sight for the 'gram.

From the googly eyes to the furry headpiece, this is definitely the top spider costume for dogs that the internet has to offer.

Best low-key dog costume: NotOnTheHighstreet Spell Binding Pet Hat

  • Spell Binding Pet Hat, £20 from NotOnTheHighstreet – buy here

Got yourself a witches hat for Halloween? Time to match with your pooch and put them in one too.

Made in Britain, this hand crochet hat is one you'll want to whack out every year as soon as you hear the mere mention of October.

Best dog bat costume: Dog Halloween Costume

  • Dog Halloween Costume, £10.89 from LightInTheBox – buy here

Probably one of the most secure costumes, this bat outfit from LightInTheBox acts as a harness for your hound.

You can even clip the lead onto the hook at the back – time to scare some passersby on your walk! Or just make them cackle.

Best bargain dog costume: Pets at Home Halloween Star Print Witch Pet Hat Black

  • Halloween Star Print Witch Pet Hat Black, £2 from PetsAtHome – buy here

Don't fancy forking out? This Pets At Home witch hat is only £2. No excuses.

Sporting a star print design, it's small with an easy-to-apply elasticated band that goes around your dog's chin.

Official Rubie's Disney Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie Pet Costume

  • Official Rubie's Disney Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie Pet Costume, £20.65 from Amazon – buy here

You don't have to be a Star Wars fanatic to find the Chewbacca dog costume entertaining.

For less than £21 on Amazon, it's an all-in-one with a hood which will make your doggo look even more cuddly than they already are. Obsessed.

Best Halloween dog bandana: Halloween Pet Bandana

  • Halloween Pet Bandana, £6 from Boohoo – buy here

Bandanas are a lower-effort costume but oh-so adorable. Just look at this pup donning Boohoo's Halloween-printed style.

We adore the bright orange shade, printed all-over with ghosts, bats, stars and swirls.

Best dog halloween bow tie: NotOnTheHighstreet Halloween Dog Bow Tie

  • Halloween Dog Bow Tie, £6.50 from NotOnTheHighstreet – buy here

Off somewhere fancy for your Halloween party? If your pooch is joining the creepy clan then why not grab this Halloween Dog Bow Tie for the occasion.

Even if your pup is on the scruffy side, this is sure to have them looking smart and a little spooky all at once.

Where to buy dog Halloween costumes

Your best bet for buying dog costumes, in general, is to go online because there is much more choice than you'll find in stores.

From Pets At Home, to NotOnTheHighstreet, Amazon and LightInTheBox, you're spoilt for choice as you can see from our roundup.

How to make a dog Halloween costume

If you don't want to actually buy a costume, you could try and finesse a classic by chopping up a pillow case and creating eye holes for a ghost.

Or, if you want to get really creative, you can always create your own spider or bat costume out of pipe cleaners.

Just make sure that your home-made outfit is safe and has no sharp bits or they'll be in for a horrible trick come Halloween.

Now that you've found one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, check out the best Halloween costumes for men.

Fear not, we've found the best Halloween costumes for women too.

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