9 ‘Full House’ Episodes To Watch To Truly Appreciate The ‘Fuller House’ Attic Episode

Since its very first season, Fuller House has been making Full House references. Sometimes they’re very in your face, and other times they’re more in the background for longtime fans to catch. In the first episode of Season 5, there are a ton of both types of references. The kids were dispatched to find the "baby-naming gown" (sure) in the attic, and it was filled with Full House easter eggs in the form of old items being stored there.

Max Fuller was the most up on what all of the "junk" in the attic actually was. He pointed out Michelle’s Rigby doll and Uncle Jesse’s Sprayguard 2001 and chastised Jackson and Ramona for not knowing more about their family history. "We have eight years of carefully curated home movies," Max said when challenged on how he knew so much. "It’s almost like a TV show." (Get it? Because Full House was eight seasons long? Hardy har.) He then referenced one of the most bonkers plot lines that happened during the original series finale. "You guys really have to watch these home movies," Max said. "They get pretty crazy towards the end. Aunt Michelle got amnesia."

Referencing the original show is actually one of the only ways Fuller House can include Michelle, since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen both declined to return for the reboot. It’s nice that Aunt Michelle isn’t totally forgotten by the Fuller family. In fact, a bunch of her stuff is in the attic. Here are all of the easter eggs you may have missed in that nostalgic scene.

Michelle’s Bike

Originally seen in: Season 5, Episode 13 — "Easy Rider" and Season 7, Episode 11 — "The Bicycle Thief."

The one in the attic doesn’t have training wheels, though, since Michelle eventually learned to ride without them.

A Framed Bunny From Jesse’s Wallpaper

Originally seen in: Season 4, Episode 2 — "Crimes and Michelle’s Demeanor."

Uncle Jesse’s room was originally Stephanie’s and covered in pink bunny wallpaper. When Jesse redid it to make it more grown up, he kept one framed bunny on the wall. Now it’s in the attic.

Michelle’s Rhino Rigby

Originally seen in: Season 7, Episode 9 — "The Day of the Rhino"

In another nod to Michelle, who has never appeared on Fuller House, the attic is now the home of her stuffed toy Rigby.

Uncle Jesse’s Sprayguard 2001

Originally seen in: Season 7, Episode 10 — "The Prying Game"

This is Uncle Jesse’s invention to keep hair spray off his face and only in his hair. Genius then, genius now. He probably wants it back, so the kids should actually bring it down from the attic.

Stephanie’s Honeybee Costume

Originally seen in: Season 1, Episode 17 — "Danny’s Very First Date"

In Full House, the Honeybees were like the Girl Scouts. This costume hanging in the attic looks like one of the first Honeybee costumes the show introduced. In later seasons, the look shifted slightly, but it was always some variation of a yellow shirt, black vest, and striped tie.

Uncle Jesse’s Elvis Costume

Originally seen in: Season 1, Episode 21 — "Mad Money"

This doesn’t appear to be the exact same one, but it works as a reference nonetheless. Both Uncle Jesse and his real life portrayer John Stamos love Elvis, and this attic costume was a fun nod to that.

Uncle Jesse’s Fred Flintstone Costume

Originally seen in: Season 5, Episode 10 — "Happy Birthday Babies, Part 2"

Uncle Jesse wore a lot of costumes over the course of Full House. He dressed as Fred Flintstone for Michelle’s Flintstones-themed 5th birthday party.

Stephanie’s Mr. Bear

Originally seen in: Season 2, Episode 2 — "Tanner vs. Gibbler"

Stephanie received Mr. Bear as a present from her mom when Michelle was born. Since he’s still in the Tanners’ attic, maybe Stephanie can give him to her new daughter, Dani.

Fuller House is ending in 2020 with Season 5, Part 2. But don’t expect them to go out without a few more references to the show that made this all possible.

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