A couple took engagement photos in giant inflatable dinosaur costumes, and the pictures will make your day

  • Jenna Krupar and Josh Rettig took engagement photos in giant inflatable dinosaur costumes.
  • Krupar, who has loved dinosaurs since the first grade and "has never really grown out of it," told Insider both she and her fiancé wanted to do something different for their portrait session.
  • "It's nice to see that other people can appreciate our quirkiness," Krupar told Insider.
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Jenna Krupar and Josh Rettig wanted to do something a little different with their engagement photos.

"I've seen so many beautiful photo shoots on Facebook and wedding websites, and the pictures are beautiful but that's just not us," Krupar told Insider. "I kept thinking it would be nice to have some pictures, because we pretty much just had selfies. But we both weren't feeling the traditional engagement pictures."

Jenna Krupar and Josh Rettig, without dinosaur suits.
Iva Hall

The Ohio couple enlisted their friend Iva Hall to take a few standard engagement portraits "for the moms to have," Krupar said. Then, out came the dinosaur suits.

"I have loved dinosaurs since I was in the first grade, and I have never really grown out of it," she said. "We'd just gotten these inflatable dinosaur costumes for Halloween and that was our couples costume, and we were like, 'What if we brought them with us to our photo shoot?'"

What followed was a photo shoot straight out of "Jurassic Park" … if "Jurassic Park" were a rom-com. Krupar transformed into a triceratops — her favorite dinosaur — and her fiancé became a Tyrannosaurus rex, and they proceeded to frolic through the woods.

Jenna Krupar and Josh Rettig wanted non-traditional engagement photos.
Iva Hall

"We're running through the woods, and you just feel like you're 5 years old in these giant suits, because you feel so big and bumbling in them and you can't see well — it's just so much fun," she said. "I couldn't really see [Hall] in some of the poses, but I could just hear her giggling, which would make me giggle, and it kind of made it hard to hold some of the poses because we were all just laughing."

Krupar, (left) is the triceratops, and Rettig is the Tyrannosaurus rex.
Iva Hall

Krupar posted the photos in a wedding planning Facebook group, where hundreds of fellow brides left comments like "This just gave me life" and "#RelationshipGoals."

"I really didn't know what the response was going to be," she said. "I just put them on the website in the hope that maybe they would make somebody smile the way they make me smile. The comments have been so nice and so many people have said that 'It really made my day' and 'I love that' and 'That's so sweet.' It's nice to see that other people can appreciate our quirkiness."

The ring.
Iva Hall

Krupar and Rettig's wedding is set for October 2021. Time will tell if the dinosaur costumes will make another appearance.

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