A Designer Tie-Dye Sweatsuit Is Infiltrating Hollywood

9/30/20 radarte tie dye sweatsuit

If you thought the tie-dye sweatsuit disappeared along with the last sane government restrictions on indoor dining and mask-wearing requirements, you'd be wrong. Turns out, all spring's biggest pandemic trend needed was a designer refresh, and it just got one in a big way.

As if coordinating looks in a private group chat (add us in, won't you?), Kacey Musgraves and Brie Larson stepped out simultaneously wearing the exact same Rodarte tie-dye sweatshirt and sweatpants set, with the word "Radarte" — the brand's diffusion line — emblazoned across the chest and down one leg.

"love y'all" Musgraves wrote to the brand in her Instagram Story selfies wearing a Radarte hoodie with yellow and pink doubled-up pull strings. Musgraves did the designer sweatsuit justice by pairing it with an equally flashy designer bag — the Fendi Peekaboo Iseeu East-West in Yellow Leather. Meanwhile, Brie Larson debuted the head-to-toe look while out grocery shopping in Calabasas. She even pulled the look together with a pair of orange jelly Melissa Women's X Opening Ceremony Hatch Sandals (that are just under $120 on Amazon right now).

Just a few weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez was seen doing major legwork in reviving this trend, wearing an even brighter tie-dye sweatsuit by Ralph Lauren. The exact suit is out of stock, but these hoodies and pants from Amazon brand Raisevern are eerily identical.

We honestly have to thank these trailblazers for pulling the tie-dye trend back from the ledge — summer was great and all, but the pleasure of an unapologetically colorful lounge set is unmatched. As the heat seeps away from the days, we're more than ready to snuggle back into the emotional body armor. Shop Musgrave and Larson's exact Radarte tie-dye sweatsuits, plus more close matches starting at just $24, below.

Get the look:

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