A girl I met online lied about being on other dating sites, should I now ignore her?

She said there was no other guy in her life but she wanted to take things slowly. I was fine with that. We are 21.

Then I discovered she has joined another dating site, telling other guys there is no man in her life.

I confronted her. She said she wants to keep her options open. She admitted using other sites and that there is someone else.

I have given her space but she keeps messaging me saying her head is messed up.

Do I tell her to leave me alone or stick it out?

DEIDRE SAYS: She lied to men on other sites and to you.

Maybe she is muddled over her feelings but you deserve better treatment than that.

Even if she now claimed she truly wanted to be with you, it would be hard to trust her again.

Delete her messages without replying and build up an active social life so you can meet a girl who will deserve your love.

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