Abandoned Pennsylvania School Transformed To Massive Mansion

An old, abandoned Pennsylvania elementary school is now up for sale for $2.4 million, after being turned in to a very unique mansion. The structure of the school was preserved, as were some of the rooms on the interior, however the rest of the one level school was restored and given all the special touches and comfortable furnishings that you’d expect from a home… along with a bunch of special perks. The New York Post indicates that the restored schoolhouse in Mount Morris spans across 14,000 square feet and sits on a massive 11 acre lot, and the owners have had it listed on the market for well over 200 days now as they await the right buyer for this unique property.

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From the outside, this unsuspecting property looks exactly as you’d expect a school to appear, but the moment you walk in, it’s apparent that you have just entered one of the most unique restorations you’ll ever come across. The owner of this property, Crystal Smith, says that she and her husband have been living in the the residence since 2018, and they have quite appropriately named it The School House.

The home features four very large bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms. Some of the features this property boasts are very well aligned with the building’s historic roots. For example, like many multi-million dollar mansions that exist on today’s market, this home features a massive indoor basketball court. The only difference here, is that this particular one actually existed as a gymnasium within the school.

One of the classrooms has been cleverly converted into an arcade, complete with all the incredible games a child’s heart could possibly desire… and a few for the adults, too! With so many rooms to develop and design, Crystal and her husband renovated one into a home fitness center, complete with top-of-the-line equipment, and room to spare.

Perhaps one of the most stunning features to this school-turned-home that has sent TikTok into a frenzy, is the mammoth garage. The new buyers of this residence will be impressed if they have a car collection, as this home includes an impressive 30 car garage.

Other adorable features include a cafeteria that’s been converted into a huge kitchen, and of course, there’s one particular room in the home that still has a massive whiteboard mounted onto the wall, sending school-vibes alongside the modern decor elements that have been added to the huge room.

Many viewers of the property have responded with complimentary commentary, but there are others are getting “creepy” vibes from this experience. The school is located next to a cemetery, and is still up for grabs for the right buyer.

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