Albert Almora Jr.: Cubs Player Falls & Cries After His Line Drive Strikes A Child, 4, In The Stands

Albert Almora Jr., along with the rest of the fans in the Minute Maid Park, reacted with horror after the Cubs player’s foul ball hit a child. Still shaken after the game, Albert said he was ‘speechless’ as a father.

It was the fourth inning of a game between the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros on May 29, and a shocking scene shortly ensued after Cubs center fielder Albert Almora Jr., 25, went up to bat. The MLB player hit a line drive, which sent a foul ball into the audience stands that hit a young girl. Albert immediately saw what happened and yelled something inaudible, then dropped to his knees in grief. Cubs manager Joe Maddon and teammate Jason Heyward tried to comfort the stricken player, who repeatedly hit his head against his arm before standing up.

Fans inside Texas’ Minute Maid Park mirrored the same reaction as Albert, as they covered their mouths and looked in shock at where the child was struck. A man, who was presumably the girl’s father, was seen rushing the crying child up the stadium stairs. Although Albert had to eventually return to bat, he struck out and was also pictured weeping in the dugout.

Albert later became hysterical, as he was also seen weeping into the shoulder of a ball park security guard after the fourth inning wrapped. However, the security guard reportedly had good news for the baseball player, according to Reddit user matts290, who claimed that his mom attended the game. “She is going be OK according to my mom. She was 4 rows away and just talked to security guard who said they are taking her to hospital for precautionary but early signs are good,” the fan wrote on Wednesday night, adding, “Little girl is 4. She is talking and awake. Security let Almora know too and he was emotional and thankful.” In another update, the Reddit user clarified, “Almora hug with female security guard was one of joy but very emotional.”

Albert wouldn’t go into details about what the security guard told him, saying that he heard “unofficial things” in an interview with an ESPN reporter. However, Albert did reveal how he personally felt after the sad scene on the field: “The first person I locked eyes with was her…Obviously, I didn’t want that to happen and didn’t intend for that to happen.” Albert added that he couldn’t “hold it in anymore” after talking to the security guard, and said he’s “speechless” and at a “loss for words” as a father of two boys.

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