Aldi is selling a chocolate orange rum liqueur for £10

ALDI is selling a new chocolate orange rum liqueur and it looks rumtastic.

The boozy tipple is made by The Infusionist brand and is guaranteed to instil festive feelings in even the grumpiest of Scrooge's.

A 50cl bottle costs £9.99 and has an alcohol by volume content (ABV) of 20 per cent.

It's on shelves now until Christmas and should be available online too, although it's not on the Aldi website yet.

In the meantime, use Aldi's store locator tool to find your nearest shop.

We couldn't find a chocolate orange rum liqueur being sold at any other major supermarket.

But Amazon has a 50cl bottle with a 20 per cent ABV from Dark Matters for £17.82 plus £44.95 delivery.

If gin's more your thing, Firebox has a similar 50cl bottle of chocolate orange gin liqueur but for a pricier £29.99 with a lower 18 per cent ABV – but delivery is £4.49 making it £33.49 all-in.

While Tesco sells a 50cl bottle of chocolate orange gin from Sipsmith for a pricier £22.

But the gin is double the strength of the rum liqueur at 40 per cent ABV.

The festive drink was first spotted by Instagram user Bev Goldberg who says she snuck one into her trolley.

Another Instagram user was also keen, commenting: "Omg chocolate orange rum!"

Aldi is also selling a spiced apple and winter berry gin as well as a shimmery CANDY CANE gin liqueur for Christmas.

While for summer it introduced a new tutti frutti gin liqueur.

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