American confused about why Brits have trees in the middle of roundabouts

Brits are renowned globally for their love of tea, the Queen and sausage rolls.

Now an American living in the UK has pointed out another British trademark – but has been monumentally mocked for it.

The expat has questioned why British people plant trees in the middle of roundabouts.

Taking to TikTok to get some answers, the American begged someone to give them some clarity on the situation.

They asked: “Can someone please tell me why the British plant small trees in the middle of roads? It’s so dangerous."

In the clip, the American pans the camera onto a tree smack bang in the middle of the roundabout with its branches looming over the road.

The clip has now gone viral having racked up 1.7 million views.

Poking fun at the American, many people fled to the comments to share their interesting reasons for a tree being planted in the middle of a roundabout.

One person chuckled: “It’s a secret passage into Hogwarts.”

Another user added: “Basically every street has a tea tree. On Sundays we all go and pick the tea bags that grew over the week."

A third person voiced: “In case of invasion, stand behind a tree, throw stuff at invaders.”

Despite the sarcastic responses from Brits, we have found out why trees can be found upon some British roundabouts.

According to the Department for Transport: “Planting should be integrated into street designs wherever possible.

"Planting, particularly street trees, helps to soften the street scene while creating visual interest, improving microclimate and providing valuable habitats for wildlife.

“Care needs to be taken to preserve existing trees, particularly when changes to a street are planned.”

So there you have it – either for visual, environmental or preservation purposes.

But we do like the tea tree idea!

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