‘American Idol’: Top 5’s Cade Foehner Explains Why He Knows Rock & Roll Isn’t Dead

Cade Foehner may have just been eliminated from ‘American Idol,’ but he believes he’s living proof that rock & roll is still very much alive. Check out his interview here, and learn why he will continue to be a voice for the genre!

Cade Foehner, 21, does not want you to feel bad about his American Idol elimination on May 13. Not only did he admit, “there is no regrets to be made or sadness to be had because our best friends go on,” but he also shared his belief that rock & roll is not dead. “You know this is obviously a sign that rock & roll is not dead. You know if I made it to the Top 5 and people wouldn’t have voted for me so I think it is still there. I just have weaved a thread in this thing, and I am specifically myself for a reason. I have my voice and skills for a reason and people will need to hear it, and I will do my best to get it out there,” Cade explained to reporters during a post-show interview. Don’t you just love his confidence?!

For those of you who don’t watch the show, Cade quickly became a fan favorite for his raspy rock voice, guitar skills, and incredibly long curly hair. He paid homage to rockstars like Gary Clark Jr. when he performed “Bright Lights” on the April 23 episode. And in addition to Gary, Cade has a lot of other rock gods he loves. “Being from Texas… Stevie Ray Vaughan,” Cade shared. “He had a huge influence early on. Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Paige were huge for me. And Fleetwood MacLindsey Buckingham was my guitar idol! I loved everything from him from the get go. Just the way he played. I think he is one of the most underrated guitar players, he is amazing and is my guy,” Cade continued.

And because his passion for music is still burning on, Cade has a lot planned for himself following American Idol. “You know, just working on tunes and doing the tour. that is the immediate plan right now because that is how we further get our name out. To show people that we can put on a show…” Cade shared. We certainly can’t wait to see his career blossom even further!

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