Angry delivery driver puts note and £1.16 in change on diners car after £5 tip

A CanadianReddit user has claimed their food delivery driver left an angry note on their car after bringing over a takeaway.

Posting on social media, the anonymous person – who operates under the username phantaxtic – uploaded a photograph of the note which had been stuffed inside a Ziplock bag that they claimed was left by the person who dropped off their food.

Alongside the message was a total of $1.98 (£1.16) in loose change.

Usually, most of us will tell delivery drivers to keep the change when paying as a thank you for their work.

So, you might be thinking the customer cheaped out and didn’t bother to give the driver a spare quid or two, but, the poster explained that they had in fact tipped the driver a respectable $10 (£5.85)..

The poster captioned the snap: “Food delivery driver left a note on our car in a bag with $1.95 and a passive aggressive message.

“We tipped him $10, the restaurant is a 10 minute drive away.”

The note read: “Here’s some spare change you clearly need it more than I do.

“Keep it for your next delivery driver’s tip. Stay safe.”

The photo quickly went viral with over 6,000 people liking the post – and over 1,000 people commented on it.

One commenter said: “After a few bad experiences with the various delivery services, I’ll starve in my house rather than deal with it.”

And another replied: “Really expensive, slow, and at the end, your food arrives ice cold, what a service!”

A third added: “‘Stay safe’ – don’t know if it’s a warning or advice!”

“That's not passive aggressive. It was full on insult,” another said.

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Someone did the maths and noted: “That’s a great tip for 10 minutes, you take three delivery’s in an hour around 20 minutes a delivery and $10 tip per delivery that’s $30 an hour.”

“Unpopular opinion: You shouldn't tip anyone at all,” added a poster. “The establishment and the government is responsible for making sure that employees receive fair pay.”

Someone agreed and commented: “Tipping is out of control.”

After one poster pointed out that we don’t have to tip in the UK, a poster noted that in Canada delivery drivers are paid a wage and tips are also an added bonus on top.

They commented: “This is in Canada, the driver makes an actual wage here but we're still guilted into tipping because of the American tipping culture.”

The original poster commented that the “only thing that makes sense” is if the driver didn’t realise they’d tipped through the app and thought they hadn’t paid him anything.

But, many people were concerned that the driver might have spit in their food. Yikes!

Do you tip your delivery drivers? Tell us in the comments…

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