Ann Curry talks "We’ll Meet Again" Season 2, women’s movement

About one year after the Me Too movement swept the nation, veteran journalist Ann Curry says “we have a long way to go.”

“I think if we look at history, what we notice is that it’s actually legislation, changes in systems and company policies – these are the things that actually cause real change,” Curry said Monday on “CBS This Morning.” “Women coming out to vote – now we’ve seen the hundred women now in the House of Representatives. There are 435… seats in the House of Representatives, last time I checked. So, you know, that’s not even a fourth, really.”

She still called it a milestone, but said “it’s about systemic change.”

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The former “Today” show host spent most of her career reporting from the front lines watching history unfold. Now she’s the executive producer and reporter of the PBS show “We’ll Meet Again,” which reunites people with important figures from their pasts. In an upcoming episode in Season 2, a Vietnam veteran named Dave searches for the helicopter pilot who saved his life after he was shot down on the Vietnam-Cambodia border.

“Back at home base, back at the military base, they actually felt that they cannot send another ship to go get them. But one guy who’s delivering heavy equipment in a Chinook… You don’t go rescuing people in a Chinook – goes and turns around to his crew and says, ‘Guys, should we go get them? We just heard the call.’ And everybody on the crew said, ‘Let’s go get them.’ They risked their lives, they came in under heavy fire and opened up the back of the Chinook, and basically spun around so these guys could run inside and they took off and everyone was saved. And now Dave wants to meet the man, the pilot who made that choice,” Curry said.

The show also looks at immigration, the Holocaust, and the women’s movement. Curry said she thinks we are currently living in the third wave of the women’s movement.

“The first wave being the one that gave us the right to vote, the second one that gave women opportunities. This is the one that is trying to get women past those hurdles that prevent them from reaching their full potential,” Curry said. “And there are a lot of reasons there. So we talk about the second wave and we meet women who not only did something amazing because they had the opportunities, but one woman, actually two women who actually risked their lives for the Equal Rights Amendment and what they think of where we are today.”  

Season 2 of “We’ll Meet Again” premieres Tuesday night on PBS.

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