Anthony Ramos takes off as Ramon, Lady Gaga’s best friend in ‘A Star Is Born’

The captain of the private jet had one stern warning for Lady Gaga and Anthony Ramos before shooting a celebratory scene in “A Star Is Born.” 

Don’t open the champagne. It’ll spill, and it’s a mess to clean up.

But Ramos and Gaga were exuberant playing best friends Ramon and Ally, both discovering the joys of rock ‘n’ roll luxury, courtesy of Ally’s famous boyfriend, Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper). The actors got carried away.

“We were so in the moment and having so much fun, we popped the bottle and we started laughing hysterically,” Ramos says. “Boom, there it goes. It was like, ‘We’re in trouble.’ But it was Ally and Ramon having that moment.” 

It’s more than just their characters who have that dream moment in director Cooper’s lauded drama, which opened last weekend to critical raves and $41.3 million at the box office. Ramos, 26, is exploding like shaken champagne in his role as Ally’s supportive pal from the neighborhood, who also works at the hotel with her.

“It’s always amazing when you can do work you care about and that you love,” Ramos says. “And if it just happens to blow up, that’s just icing on the cake.”

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