Aquarius 2021 predictions – what’s in store for your star sign next year?

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The past year has been unlucky for everyone, no matter what your star sign is. Hopefully 2021 will bring good luck to all, but if you believe in astrology you will know that your sign plays a role in how fortunate your year is. Lucky for Aquarius, 2021 is bringing positive change, fresh starts, new information, and much more. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Aquarius 2021 predictions.

Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Aquarius and will be for most of 2021, and that’s promising.

This will impact everyone, but especially Aquarius, Geminis and Libras.

Bex said: “You certainly have a lot of planets slipping into your sign Aquarius, so there’s plenty of opportunity for positive change, lucky occurrences and successful endeavours.

“When a planet enters your sign it ‘lights up’ an area in your life and, if you ride with the high vibrations then you can make the most of this transit.”

Mercury moves into Aquarius at the end of January and this will inspire you to learn something new.

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Bex said: “We start the year with Mercury shimmying into Aquarius, giving you a hunger to increase your knowledge.

“You might have a craving to start a new course, embark on a scholarly pursuit or simply watch plenty of documentaries.

“Saturn – planet of life lessons – and idealist Jupiter are already in your socially-conscious sign.

“This means you might find that the topic that you choose to learn about has a humanitarian leaning.

“In sharing your findings, you could end up spending the year educating others and helping raise the communal consciousness.”

This idea sounds right up your street, Aquarius.

January and February are the Aquarian months, but February 11 is going to be an important day for you.

Bex said: “February 11 is a notable day for you as there is not one, not two, but six important cosmic bodies in your first house.

“Plus it’s a New Moon in Aquarius!”

On this day, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and the Sun meet, forming what’s known as a stellium.

Bex said: “Expect two weeks of radical revelations when it comes to how you view your place in society – this might come from partnerships, opportunities to expand your network and chances to make big changes within your local community.”

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Uranus spends about seven years in a sign and it is currently in Taurus.

Bex said: “Your ruling planet Uranus is sitting in Taurus – your fourth house of home, nurture and family.

“Make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin or working too hard and are also nourishing the side of yourself that needs comfort from your loved ones.”

This could be a theme for the entire year for you, Aquarius.

We all know how transformational Full Moons are, and there’s a Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23.

Bex said this will “shine a light on where you’re blaming other people or organisations for things that you deem unfair.”

She added: “It’s also asking you to connect with your more rebellious and eccentric side.

“Where have you held back for fear of societal judgment – and can you just be your most unconventional self?”

Just a few days after the Full Moon, Mercury enters Leo, your seventh house of partnerships.

Bex said: “Expect important conversations regarding your romantic liaisons, now’s the time to get flirty!”

The end of the year may be a little disorientating for you Aquarius, but you can work it out.

Bex said: “When December rolls around, look out for the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, in your eleventh house.

“Eclipses can bring confusion or bamboozle us, but also be pretty revelatory.

“They occur when the Moon and Sun are close to the Nodes of Fate – in this case, the South Node, indicating what we need to let go of.

“This might mean investing in new, updated technology and you’ll be given the chance to release social media and even online networks that aren’t serving you.

“See it as clearing out the old of 2021 before starting a fresh year!”

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