Asda customers may be entitled to 10 percent discount depending on their job – full list

Inflation 'is a worldwide problem' says Lucy Frazer

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Supermarket giant Asda is offering customers with certain jobs a discount on their shopping. With inflation at a high and the cost of living increasing, this should help struggling shoppers.

It has been announced in the UK that inflation is at nine percent.

This is a 40-year high, surpassing the 8.4 percent annual rise reported in March 1992.

As of May 19, customers with certain jobs are entitled to 10 percent off their Asda shop.

Workers in the NHS, Emergency Services, Social Services, Social care sector and armed forces can redeem this discount when they present their Blue Light Card.

Food, soft drinks, George at Asda clothing and homeware, toys, gifts are all included.

The discount will also be redeemable at Asda Opticians.

Blue Light Card holders will simply need to present their cards when checking out at the supermarket.

Asda has recognised that many of us have started to tighten their purse strings.

As well as offering a 10 percent discount for those in the NHS, Emergency Services, Social Services, Social care sector and armed forces, they are doing their bit to help new employees.

Asda typically upholds a 12-week qualifying period for new staff before they start to receive the 10 percent discount.

However, in a move to support staff, Asda will now remove the qualifying period.

Instead, employees of the Big Four supermarket will be able to save 10 percent on their shopping in store and online.

This comes into effect on their first day of work at Asda.

The qualifying period has been removed until October 2022.

Asda recruits approximately 2,000 new starters each month and does not place a cap on how much colleagues can use their discount card.

Additionally, the supermarket giant is keen to help out employees in another way as inflation hits nine percent.

From July, shop floor pay would increase to £10.10 an hour.

It currently sits at £9.66, reports the Evening Standard.

It is 60p more than the National Living Wage, which is currently £9.50.

There will also be an annual bonus opportunity for workers.

Hayley Tatum, Asda’s Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer, acknowledged the pressures families are currently under, citing a £16 decrease in weekly household income.

Reinstating the Blue Light Card discount as well as offering employee discount from the offset of employment are additional ways Asda can “support” customers and colleagues.

Tom Dalby, CEO at Blue Light Card, said he was “proud” to work in partnership with Asda, reported Manchester Evening News.

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