Attention ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans: Tom Tom Is FINALLY Opening So Soon, According To Tom Sandoval

After enduring a wait that has felt longer than a Sexy Unique Eternity, Vanderpump Rules fans may finally get to gulp down some ice ball shots off of spoons. Tom Sandoval might’ve revealed Tom Tom’s opening date, and this is the closest we’ve gotten to a specific day. On Sunday, July 1, the Charles McMansion member posted a picture he took while holding a beer in front of what may or may not be the Tom Tom construction site. He wrote,

Wow. Wow. Wooooow. Way to bury the Sexy Unique Lede there, Sandoval. According to one half of Tom Tom’s namesake, LVP’s newest establishment is slated to open in three and a half weeks from July 1. And if that is indeed the case? *Does some Sexy Unique Calendar Math.* As stated by Sandoval’s caption, Tom Tom will apparently open on or around July 25.

On the Season 5 finale, LVP asked the Toms Sandoval and Schwartz if they would be interested in opening a bar with her. The establishment would be called Tom Tom, would be down the street from PUMP, and would boast an industrial romantic vibe. Sandoval couldn’t hop on board fast enough; Schwartz, in classic Schwartz style, took some warming up. By the beginning of Season 6, Tom Tom was underway, and on the season finale, the cast gathered at the construction site to celebrate the bar’s progress.

Things seemed to be moving along at a solid pace, until they weren’t. At the Pump Rules Season 6 reunion, LVP, Sandoval, and Schwartz did not have much in the way of a status update. When the post-season special filmed back in March, LVP still had not cashed Sandoval or Schwartz’s investment checks, Sandoval was unhappy with the expensive wine refrigerator LVP wanted to put in the place, and the Toms’ future with the bar seemed to be hanging in the balance. The weirdness between LVP and her junior partners left some fans worried about Tom Tom’s fate.

Fortunately, that weirdness didn’t seem to last too long. When Sandoval appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen back in April, he told a curious caller that the bar was still a go and scheduled to open at the “end of May or early June.” Obviously, the opening date has been pushed back a bit; it is the beginning of July and Tom Tom’s doors have yet to open to the public. But uh, according to Sandoval, it sounds like that will all change within a month.

Sandoval did not say “Tom Tom will probably open before next quarter” or “Tom Tom will most likely be ready to go at the end of the month or early next month.” Sandoval really said, “In 3 and a half weeks, I will cheers to u in person when #TomTom opens.” He got as exact as he could without offering up the actual date. They’ve been teasing the big day for a while, but they’ve never been this specific. Tom Tom could be open for business by the end of the month. Let the SUR-lebration begin.

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