‘Bachelor’ Star Nick Viall Reveals How He Really Feels About Ex Vanessa Grimaldi Dating Someone New

Nick Viall EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife at M.I.’s Westside Comedy Theater that he thinks it’s ‘awesome’ his ex-fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi is dating someone new.

Four-time Bachelor contestant and lead Nick Viall, 38, wishes the best for his ex-fiancé who he split from in August 2017, Vanessa Grimaldi, 31, who “won” his season of the show. Nick is aware that Vanessa is now dating businessman Josh Wolfe, and Nick EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife at a March 31 live taping for his podcast “The Viall Files,” that he thinks it’s “awesome,” even though the two are not in touch. When asked if he would feel any regret if Vanessa married Josh, Nick replied, “I assume that she will get married to someone else someday, I hope she does!”

Nick also told HL that he’s currently dating and is “open to meeting someone,” but that “it just hasn’t happened yet.” Nick also revealed that he wants to settle down, but “it’s all a matter of meeting the right person.”

The Bachelor star also opened up to us about the backlash he received for his March 12 podcast with ex-contestant Demi Burnett, 24, who was on 27-year-old Colton Underwood’s season of the show. Fans criticized Nick for “mansplaining” by talking over Demi and giving her unsolicited advice about navigating Bachelor stardom. “I thought it was interesting, it certainly was a well-listened episode and Demi is actually going to stop by tonight [at the live taping],” Nick told HollywoodLife. “She’s a good friend. And this podcast, I think, we are trying to have conversations about topics that I think there’s a lot of questions on out there in general. And I think we try to bring that up and have conversations about it, so we had Demi back on [on the March 26 episode] – it’s not something that we ran from.”

“I thought it made some interesting conversation that hopefully we can all learn from, certainly myself too,” he continued. “Part of my podcast is to share my perspective but also to learn from other people, from my audience, and from the guests that I have. I thought it was a good experience.”

Nick said that his knowledge of “mansplaining” is “an ongoing conversation.” He added, “I have become more aware of it and I think with that topic, a lot of people had a lot of different opinions. It was interesting hearing fans, my audience is mostly women in general, the audience reaction seemed to be pretty split in terms of a lot of people are reaching out and defending it, and other people had different opinions. It just goes to show that there are a lot of interesting conversations still left to have.”

As for what’s next, Nick will be a recurring guest star on The Coop, a “choose-your-own type” of comedy show for Funny Or Die, which will be available on a new platform called Eko. “I’ve done some other guest star spots and some other appearances, but this is probably the meatiest role I’ve had so far, and it’s with a lot of very talented actors and some people I am a fan of so it is very cool to work with them,” he said. The podcast host also said that his essential oil company Natural Habits is a “big passion.” We’re looking forward to seeing Nick’s next acting role, as well as hearing more from “The Viall Files!”

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