'Bachelor Summer Games' Is Happening, And It's Like 'Winter Games' But Hotter
  • Bachelor Summer Games are officially coming to your TV in summer 2020.
  • There’s no official release date, but the new show will premiere before Bachelor in Paradise.
  • Summer Games coincides with the real summer Olympics happening in Tokyo.

ICYMI, the summer Olympics are happening this year in Tokyo, starting on July 24, 2020. Apparently, The Bachelor decided to get in on the action because they’re launching Summer Games, a competition-style reality show with your favorite Bachelor stars.

You might remember that, back in 2018, producers rolled out Bachelor Winter Games, which featured Bachelor stars from around the world competing in winter sports while, of course, hooking up and falling in love on national television. This is a similar, but much hotter, version. (Can’t. Wait.) Here’s everything you need to know about Bachelor Summer Games right now.

When will Bachelor Summer Games be released?

When Winter Games happened, it aired at the same time as The Bachelor, which was a pretty solid viewing commitment for fans. This time, though, Summer Games will be the only Bachelor content on TV when it’s released. Yes, that means it’s happening before Bachelor in Paradise airs, Rob Mills, ABC’s senior vice president of alternative programming, said on Ringer’s Bachelor Party podcast. The exact premiere date is still TBD though.

Is there a trailer for Summer Games yet?

Nope, but if you wanna get an idea of what might be going down this summer, peep this trailer from Bachelor Winter Games:

What’s Summer Games all about?

Similar to Winter Games, it will have former Bachelor stars competing in different events, with their ~personal~ lives filmed in between. “I think it’s going to be really fun,” Mills said. “It’s going to be so fun seeing these people in these great, you know, track and field and swimming [events]. …This is a real Olympics.”

Where is Bachelor Summer Games filming?

Mills was pretty tight-lipped about the exact locale. All he shared was that producers “found a really great place to hold it.”

Who will be in the Summer Games cast?

It’s still up in the air. In the past, only single members of Bachelor Nation could be on the show (similar to BiP), but Mills said they’re thinking about bringing in some Bachelor/Bachelorette/BiP couples, too. “I still think we need to look at the creative, and it’s like, do you—if somebody is with somebody or not, can they be in it?” he said, noting that he’d “love” to see Jordan Rodgers and Colton Underwood throw down. (Tbh, same.)


Mills also hinted that producers want to have couples on because, otherwise, you’re watching a bunch of single people for the summer. “You want to have these events feel like something rooted in not just the, okay, it’s all singles,” he explained. “But that’s important too. We’ll keep fine-tuning.”

Who will host Bachelor Summer Games?

Though the cast could include everyone and anyone affiliated with the Bachelor franchise, it’s pretty likely you already know the new show’s host: Chris Harrison. He’s currently unconfirmed, but, ya know, he’s Chris Harrison.


It sounds like there’s a lot Bachelor producers are still figuring out about the show, but more Bachelor content this summer? Yes, please!

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