‘The Bachelorette’ Live Blog: Becca & The Final 3 Head To Thailand For Fantasy Suite Dates

Will Becca Kufrin take all three guys into the fantasy suite on ‘The Bachelorette’? Who will become her final two? Follow along with our live blog of the July 23 episode to find out!

Overnight dates are here on season 14 of The Bachelorette! This week, Becca Kufrin and her three remaining guys, Garrett Yrigoyen, Blake Horstmann and Jason Tartick, head to Thailand for their most romantic trip yet. Blake gets the first date, and he and Becca are given a difficult task on their hike: They cannot touch after making it past a certain point on the trail. Considering their insane chemistry, it’s not easy!

Things go well on the date, but Blake is admittedly worried about what Becca is doing with the other guys, and he knows it’s time to let her know that he’s anxious. Blake explains that he’s more in love with Becca than he was with his ex, and his fear lies in knowing how much it could hurt if she ends things. “These last two weeks are the first time I started to think you could possibly feel the way about another guy that you do about me,” he admits. “I think it’s kind of hit me hard because it’s getting to the point where you clearly obviously have really strong feelings for these other guys. I cant really ignore that anymore.”

While Becca can’t really give him any assurance that those feelings for the other guys aren’t there, she does make sure he knows that she understands where his head’s at. She also lets him know that her relationship with him has been the most consistent throughout this journey so far. By the end of their deep talk, she invites him into the fantasy suite. The wake up the next morning caring about each other even more than before, and that scares Blake even more.

Jason’s date is next. They spend the day strolling around a Thai market without a plan, and in the middle of the date, Becca brings up the possibility of a future with Jason. Once she says it, though, she realizes Jason might not be the one in the future she’s envisioning. The whole things stresses her out so much that she has to walk away for a moment and nearly breaks down in tears.

She wants to try and get back on track, though, so she still has Jason join her for dinner. He admits to feeling good about where the relationship is at, and still sees a future with Becca. Jason pours his heart out to Becca, but is clearly starting to get the vibe that she might not be feeling the same way. She brings up her hesitation about having a future with Jason, and is so overwhelmed, she has to step away in tears once again.

“I can see a future with Jason, but I see it more with Garrett and Blake,” she admits. “I was falling for Jason, but I’m in love with two other men, and it’s not fair to keep him around if I don’t see us getting there at the end.” Finally, Becca opens up to Jason about how she’s feeling, and they’re both left devastated when she sends him home before the fantasy suite.

Last up, it’s Garrett’s turn. Their romantic rafting date ends up turning into a Thai party, but they make the most of it and have a blast.

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