Back to basics: Mise en place gets ingredients in place for easier cooking

Building confidence in the kitchen begins with an eagerness to learn and the right equipment.

That’s why “Good Morning America” Food is helping you get back to basics with culinary advice to help simplify success in your kitchen.

Think about a simple pasta recipe. While you boil the water and season it, your pasta can be measured out and at the same time, you can begin to sauté onions, garlic and chilis in olive oil in a separate pan. If the garlic and chilis are already minced and onions diced, that step to sauté these ingredients will be seamless.

Then you may need a tomato puree, which if you’re making from scratch, is helpful to have blended together in a food processor ahead of time and portioned out appropriately for the amount of people eating.

Finally, you have the finishing touches, things like fresh herbs, lemon zest, flaky salt, etcetera. All of which should be on hand so that the final component makes it’s way to the plate and you don’t accidentally leave out that last bit of flavor a recipe may call for.

If you order a meal kit from a restaurant or other boxed meal service, you’ve already seen mise en place in practice. Especially during the pandemic when restaurants pivoted to prep in kitchen and deliver for you to finish cooking at home, these chef-curated kits come with exactly measured ingredients and perfectly portioned materials to make the habit even more familiar.

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