Bad Boys 3 confirmed by directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are all to used to stereotypes having been the only two Moroccan-born students in their film school in Belgium.

They gravitated towards each other and soon found their pairing created a winning combination.

Their style? Gritty realism, spectacle and drama with plenty of street cred.

El Arbi and Fallah are directing the new Bad Boys 3, which they confirmed in their chat with Mirror Online.

They’re the rising stars of the industry and it’s easy to see why.

El Arbi and Fallah kicked things off with a short and a few TV jobs before, in 2015, they won the Toronto Film Festival’s Discovery Award for Black, a spin on Romeo and Juliet.

Their latest flick Gangsta, now out on DVD, is a drug deal escapade shining a light on a real issue with humour.

"It’s loosely based on real life events," they tell us.

"There had been stories in the news of gangs and the whole thing around the drug culture and the mafia.

"Amsterdam, where we filmed, was really good to us – but what people don’t realise is the city and the problems are worse than what we show.

"We wanted it to be credible or realistic, so to do that it has to be based in reality – there’s things not mentioned in the news and we wanted to look at that."

Fighting stereotypes

El Arbi and Fallah are Moroccan-born Muslims and added that also affected their interest "to change the stereotype", a stereotype that was in their minds when it came to drugs cartels and crime covered in their movie.

But the pair admitted they were used to "being different".

"We were the only Moroccans in an all white school so it made sense for us to make friends!" they joke.

They aren’t despondent about diversity in the industry though, admitting they’re hopeful that there more positive change.

"Ten years ago it’ll be all white actors on screen, you didn’t see someone you could relate to in that way. That’s changing," they say.

El Arbi and Fallah are set to become part of that move, but the reason they stand is purely talent based.

Their second movie, BLACK, earned them international acclaim and awards.

They list of movies and inspirations as "Scarface, Narcos, Tupac and Biggie."

"We grew up with the Scorsese movies," they add.

Bad Boys 3 confirmed

Now El Arbi and Fallah could potentially join the greats that have inspired. Their talent has been recognised by Hollywood, with the pair confirming their developing projects with Jerry Bruckheimer, including Beverly Hills Cop 4.

Bad Boys 3 is also now also confirmed. When we spoke to the pair they confirmed they were attached to the project, but were just "waiting on the green light, but [they have] a pretty cool script."

Bad Boys first arrived in cinemas in 1995, the sequel in 2003.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will reunite for the movie, which was pushed back by Sony for a January 17, 2020 release date.

There had been rumours it had the go ahead for awhile, and Lawrence recently shared a post (after we spoke to the directors) saying "It’s official. Bad Boys for life."

El Arbi and Fallah confirmed they have now taken over from Michael Bay and the actors have signed on.

"It’s the perfect project," they said with clear enthusiasm for the new movie. "Think of Gangsta as the prep for Bad Boys!"

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GANGSTA is available now on digital and DVD

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