Baker Tigga Mac fools fans with her incredible Milo tin cake

Can you spot the cake hiding in plain sight? Baker fools thousands with her VERY realistic looking dessert on a supermarket shelf

  • A talented baker has wowed thousands with her realistic-looking Milo tin cake 
  • In a TikTok video, Tigga McCormack challenges fans to guess which item is cake
  • She hid her Milo tin cake among the real ones on the supermarket shelves 
  • The Melbourne baker then reveals which tin is actually a cake by taking a bite

A talented baker has impressed thousands by hiding her ultra realistic looking cake on a supermarket shelf. 

In a viral clip, Tigga Maccormack, owner of Cake for Days, pans the supermarket aisle and challenges viewers to guess which item on the shelves is actually made of cake.  

The clever baker later revealed that one of the Milo tins, which is indistinguishable from the tins next to it, is actually made of cake by taking a huge bite out of it. 

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Can you spot the cake? Talented Baker Tigga Maccormack has gone viral for her TikTok videos where she hides her ultra realistic looking cakes at the supermarket 

The clever baker revealed that the cake is one of the Milo tins

Before the reveal, some eagle eyed viewers in the comments clocked the ‘tin’ as a cake whereas other were left baffled.  

‘I was convinced it was the T2 box omg,’ one fan said after Tigga revealed the real cake. 

‘I was right! Only way I knew is because it was slightly darker green,’ another said. 

Tigga even scans the cake at the checkout which rings up as a regular Milo tin confusing the cashier who said it was ‘very convincing’. 

Tigga even scans the cake at the checkout which rings up as a regular Milo tin confusing the cashier who said it was ‘very convincing’

The Melbourne pastry chef explained how she creates her incredibly convincing cakes by using a special edible image printer. 

‘I take the label off the real product, scan it into my computer and then on my computer I make sure all the measurements are correct,’ she said. 

Tigga then prints the label onto edible paper with edible ink and said, while it comes close, the ink won’t always give her an exact colour match. 

Her Milo tin cake clip was part of a viral series called Shopping with Tigga where she hides her realistic cakes on the shelves at her local Coles or Woolworths. 

In another clip, Tigga explained how she creates her incredibly convincing cakes by using a special edible image printer

Previously, she created a tomato sauce bottle cake identical to those on the shelf next to it. 

In the first of two videos, which has been viewed 3.4million times, Tigga showed a supermarket aisle in which her cake blended indistinguishably into other sauce bottles.

In the second video, the baker browses the shelves before picking up one of the ‘bottles’ and biting into it, revealing it to be cake. 

Previously Tigga shared installation of her supermarket series where she encourages viewers to guess which item in the aisle is real and which is a cake

‘I’ve looked over this 1000 times and can’t help but feel I’m being trolled,’ comedian Christian Hull commented.  

‘I fooled so many of you,’ the baker captioned the second clip.

Hundreds of viewers in the comments said they guessed it right but others admitted they were stumped. 

‘What – no way, you absolutely fooled me, you are amazing,’ said one woman.

‘I guessed it – but girl I was scannnnning thru the video trying to find it! This is the best,’ a second wrote. 

In a video to Instagram, Tigga demonstrated how she created the sauce bottle cake by stacking layers of cake and then carving it into the right shape. 

In a video to Instagram, the clever baker detailed how she created the sauce bottle cake saying she stacked a few layers of cake and carved it into the right shape

‘One of the hardest things about making a cake like this is trying to get it the perfect size. Once you’ve cut the cake and you’ve got to allow for ganache on the outside and then fondant as well,’ she said. 

Tigga said she ‘eyeballed’ the bottle shape and lid and used a printer with edible link to reproduce the MasterFoods label. 

‘Using edible ink, it’s really tough to get an exact match and a lot of people said that was the main reason they could tell the difference,’ she explained. 

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