Belle Delphine returns to OnlyFans after disappearance – and ‘eats glass’

Porn star Belle Delphine has returned to the internet after seemingly "disappearing" for months – and ruffled feathers by shoving a lightbulb in her mouth.

The OnlyFans model, 22, rose to fame after selling £23 ($30) bottles of "bath water for thirsty gamer boys".

Despite being mocked for the sale, the bottles were sold out immediately after the Instagram post went viral.

Now the cosplay babe is back on the internet after laying low for a while causing the mystery of where she really went.

In a YouTube video to her 2.11million subscribers, Belle shared a clip which was titled "I'll Never Leave You Again!"

So now as the mystery has been solved it seems as though Belle has been quietly working on a big project.

The YouTube clip shows the infamous anti-piracy advert, which Belle put her own spin on.

In the advert where "piracy is a crime", the model joked it was against the law to not subscribe to her OnlyFans page.

It starts with the words "you couldn't get a job" where Belle is wearing a uniform for Subway.

Next she's wearing a skimpy basketball outfit before jumping into her gym gear doing some squats.

Fans were in a meltdown over the advert as one said: "She came back when we needed her most".

Another added: "Jokes aside, her sense of humour and marketing is on point."

Belle teased her latest work on her Instagram page, where she boasts 3.5million followers.

In two snaps, the model can be seen donning the uniform for Subway, while another she's laying in bed.

She wrote: "Just posted a new YouTube video! Really excited about this one!"

One follower posted: "Just saw it – hilarious way of promoting".

And another added: "Belle the best."

Like with all of Belle's stunts, this one hasn't been without controversy though.

On Twitter, the model caused a stir by putting an entire lightbulb in her mouth and smashing it.

Many were concerned by the pictures, which appeared to show blood streaming from her mouth.

One commenter said: "Lol! The return of Belle Delphine starts with a (not so) bright idea!

"On a more serious note, I hope this is fake! It most likely is because the woman behind the persona seems to be quite intelligent judging by interviews she's done in the past."

Another wrote: "I hope you didn't actually do this – I mean it's universally known that glass is not edible."

And a third trolled: "I speak for all of us when I say we didn't miss you."

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While Belle's brief disappearance still remains somewhat of a mystery, the influencer recently admitted she struggles to socialise.

People started noticing her absence on social media when she stopped posting on Twitter and Instagram for several months.

A fan took to Twitter to say: "Hilarious to me how Belle Delphine made a trillion dollars off one sex tape and just disappeared forever."

And another asked: "Why Belle Delphine disappeared from social media again?"

But the gamer girl has been known to vanish and then reappear in the past.

Who knows how long she'll be back for!

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