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DO YOU brush up? Do you clean up? If not, you should start with our top of the range makeup brush cleaners. Stat.

Makeup tools are a breeding ground for spot-inducing bacteria. And the best brush cleaners will ensure you avoid an unwanted breakout by removing dirt and blemish-causing build-up.

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It may seem like an effort, but experts recommend you should clean your makeup brushes every two to four weeks.

As well as keeping your skin in great condition, regularly washing your brushes will also keep them in tip-top shape and ensure better performance for longer, as well as a seamless colour application.

Makeup brush maintenance will ensure bristles stay soft and conditioned, meaning they'll last longer. And, considering they're not exactly cheap, this makes complete financial sense.

From easy-action pump sprays and electric wash-and-dry cleaners, to waxes, liquids and palettes, we've tracked down the best makeup brush cleaners below. Get ready to wash and glow.

1. Best brush cleaner palette

  • Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette, £12.99 from Very – buy here

A big mistake we often make when cleaning our makeup brushes is getting too much of them wet.

To keep them in good shape, the only bit you need to wash are the bristles. But that's easier said than done, right?

Not anymore. Enter the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette, designed to make buffing up your brushes super-simple.

Just slip it over your hand and add a coin-sized amount of Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel (sold separately) before adding warm water.

Swirl the brush over the bristles until the dirt disappears and squeeze out excess water.

The product is suitable for all sizes of tools – it's a mean, clean, brush machine.

2. Best brush cleaner wax

  • Beautyblender Pure Solid Cleanser, £15 from Cult beauty – buy here

Banish bacteria and makeup build-up with this super-handy travel-friendly cleansing wax.

Just massage a small amount into your damp sponge or brush, and lather.

The soy-based softening product gets rid of dirt while keeping your tools in great condition, too.

Use sparingly and this brush-buffer will last for ages. Did we mention it also smells like lavender? Love.

3. Best drugstore brush cleaner

  • Makeup Brush Cleanser, £4.99 from Superdrug – buy here

This brush-sanitising spray should be an essential in every beauty bag.

It gives tools a disinfecting deep-clean with just a few spritzes, while also conditioning for silky-soft bristles.

You just need to use tissues to remove residue and continue until all dirt is removed.

It's suitable for synthetic and natural brushes, is vegan, and effective… and all for under a fiver? We're sold.

4. Best brush cleaner liquid

  • Mac Brush Cleanser, £12.50 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Get fresh brush fibres with this conditioning cleanser that beauty insiders love.

As well as giving the tools a hygienic clean, the formula also protects your brushes and prolongs their life and performance.

Do a quick spot-clean by stroking the brush over a tissue that's been dampened with the cleanser.

You can also deep-clean by soaking the brush in a shallow layer of the cleaners for at least five minutes, taking care not to wet the bristle base. Rinse, reshape and dry.

With its fast-acting air-dry formula, you won't have to wait long until you can use your sparklingly clean brushes again.

5. Best brush cleaner and dryer

  • StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer, £29.99 from Boots – buy here

You'll wonder what you did before this nifty little gadget once you give it a whirl.

If you need your brushes clean and dry in seconds, this electric product is it.

All you need to do? Use one of the eight different sized silicon spindles to attach your brush to the device.

Add a brush cleanser and water mix into the bowl (or keep it simple and use baby shampoo), and pop the device in.

Turn it on and watch in awe as your makeup brush gets a wash and blow dry in seconds, leaving it ready to use again in seconds.

Like it just stepped out of a salon. We love it.

6. Best brush cleaner spray

  • Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser, £14 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Coming in a handy pump-action spray, this brush cleanser couldn't be easier to use.

Simply spritz onto each side of the brush and remove makeup build-up with a tissue until it's got the all-clear.

Keeps bristles soft AND comes in a large 236ml bottle so your spends go a long way. Bonus.

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