‘Best sleep of your life’ is possible with simple changes, according to a doctor

An NHS doctor has explained how you can get better quality sleep by helping your body produce more of the right hormones.

In a TikTok video, general surgeon Dr Karan Rajan @dr.karanr gives "three unusual tricks to help you have the best sleep of your life" and warns his last tip is "a bit weird".

First, he recommends not napping after 4pm if you want to sleep properly later at night.

He says: "Naps are great but they reduce your urge to sleep by reducing adenosine levels."

The doctor explains a reduction in this hormone "makes you feel less sleepy" when bedtime comes around.

He then advises: "Wear a sleep mask. Darkness tells the brain to produce more melatonin to help you sleep.

"A sleep mask is a cheap way to eliminate as much light as possible."

Lastly, he tells viewers to "get some light", explaining: "Natural light boosts serotonin to make you alert.

"After several hours serotonin gets converted to melatonin.

"The more natural light you soak in during the day, the more melatonin at night."

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Within a few hours of being uploaded on Monday (November 15) the video was watched more than 30,000 times and racked up thousands of comments.

One user commented: "The last one is something I have never heard. I am all for it. Going to stand outside."

Someone else said: "I gotta say the eye mask actually worked for me I fall asleep way faster with one on."

Meanwhile, a few people who worked night shifts or lived in parts of the world with very little winter sun said it would be tough to try the suggestions.

According to the NHS, a manmade version of melatonin can be used to treat insomnia but it is only available on prescription in the UK.

It's mainly used to treat sleep problems in people aged 55 and older and for a short term of up to four weeks.

Sometimes melatonin is prescribed for younger people if their doctor recommends it.

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