Billie Eilish Collaborates With Nike For Vegan Air Jordan Silhouettes

Without a doubt, and almost no competition, Nike is the world’s biggest shoe manufacturer. As of this year, the almost sixty-decade-old company is valued at $30.44 billion. While the innovative designs of their kicks certainly have a thing or two to do with their massive worldwide success, it’s Nike’s celebrity endorsements that seem to put them over the edge.

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From The Rock to Kevin Hart, Steph Curry to (of course) Lebron James, Nike’s trademark move to make their billions is slapping a celebs name on their latest designs. Though of all the signature shoes you can get from Footlocker, their sustainable collaboration with pop sensation Billie Eilish may just be one of the most innovative yet!

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The biggest selling point for these new designs, aside from the fact that they are endorsed by one of the biggest artists in the world, is that they’re 100% vegan! Nike took the more environmentally friendly route in curating these Eilish new shoes by using more than 20% of recycled materials. Even better, they’re made of 100% vegan leather as opposed to the more harmful materials used in other high-end shoes. The designs are based on two of Nike’s hottest selling styles: the Air Jordan 1 KO and Air Jordan 15. They respectively come in lime green and taupe.

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“I really wanted to kind of have, almost like an ode to myself in like an appreciative way and a kind of sentimental way, of just like, this was me for a while,” the singer excitedly boasted in a Nike promotional video.

The design is certainly an ‘ode to herself‘ as her signature logo is displayed on the tongue of the shoe. This is yet another move in Nike’s initiative to provide more sustainable and economically conscious products to its undyingly loyal customers. Last year, they launched their ‘Move to Zero’ program with the mission to substantially reduce their carbon emissions and waste within production, as well as encourage their competition to follow in their footsteps.

“We want to accelerate progress by sharing the work we’re doing to design better products for today and tomorrow by changing how we make them, deliver them and take them back for another life,” Nike’s Senior Director of Global Sustainability Engagement, Virginia Rustique-Petteni says during a Climate Week roundtable.

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