Bizarre tube advert for cremation services leaves people in stitches

‘I can’t even afford to die in London!’ Tube poster advertising ‘no fuss’ cremations for £1,195 leaves Twitter users in stitches – and prompts some VERY witty jokes in response

  • Spanish comedian Ignacio Lopez spotted a bizarre advert on the Tube in London 
  • The poster for Beyond.Life offers ‘no fuss, low cost’ cremations for £1,195 
  • Lopez joked that the advert made him feel like he couldn’t even ‘afford to die’ 
  • His tweet has since gone viral and received over 30,000 likes and retweets

Twitter users were left in stitches over a bizarre poster advertising ‘no fuss’ cremations for £1,195 on the London Underground.  

Spanish comedian Ignacio Lopez, who lives in Wales, jokingly tweeted that he couldn’t even ‘afford to die’ in London after he spotted the poster on the Tube yesterday.

The morbid advert, from company Beyond.Life, promises customers a ‘no fuss, low cost cremation’ for just £1,195. 

The post has since gone viral – and prompted some very witty jokes from followers shocked at the high cost involved. 

Eye-catching: Spanish comedian Ignacio Lopez, who lives in Wales, jokingly tweeted that he couldn’t even ‘afford to die’ in London after he spotted this poster on the London Underground yesterday. The poster, from Beyond.Life, advertises a ‘no fuss’ cremation for £1,195

Witty remark: The comedian shared a snap of the morbid advert with this tongue-in-cheek caption. The post has since gone viral and prompted dozens of funny jokes in response 

The poster shows a cartoon man walking with a backpack. It is accompanied by the tagline: ‘Not big on tradition? Go your own way.’

Despite the company’s claim that it offers low cost care, Lopez said he couldn’t even afford the budget option. 

He tweeted: ‘London, here, reminding me that I can’t even afford to die.’ 

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Lopez’s post spurred on dozens of tweets from his Twitter followers, who felt the same way.

One posted: ‘No need, just wait in Leicester Square tube station for more than 10 minutes in this heat, job done.’ 

Making a statement: Lopez, pictured, noted he couldn’t even afford the budget cremation 

Seeing the funny side: Twitter users responded by sharing their own darkly comic jokes

‘My calculations predict I can retire 5yrs after I die…’ another tweeted. 

A third wrote: ‘Global warming has been proving free cremations for the past 3 months.’ 

Beyond.Life, which provides services including will writing and estate planning, told FEMAIL that the advert was a less ‘edgy’ option than its original choice. 

It added that it was ‘good’ for British people to talk about death.  

Keep it simple: One user morbidly joked that he just wanted to be ‘chucked in a ditch’ 

The company said: ‘What we’re trying to do is get people talking about death. This isn’t something we Brits are generally good at, so it’s great to see people taking an interest in this ad.

‘The irony is that this wasn’t the advert we thought would get everyone talking. Our original adverts are far edgier and were banned by TfL.

‘So the image Ignacio is talking about is actually one of our last minute stand-ins.

‘The cost of death is rising, so his tweet is spot on in recognising that there’s not enough competition and transparency in this market and prices are rising too quickly.’ 

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