Black Eyed Peas Sizzle With ‘Mamacita’ & ‘Where Is The Love?’ At ‘Democracy Summer’ Concert

The Black Eyed Peas killed their performance at #DemocracySummer2020, busting out their timeless 2003 hit ‘Where Is The Love?’ for a good cause: encouraging people to register to vote!

Let’s get it started in here! The Black Eyed Peas brought down the house — well, virtually — with an epic performance of “Where Is The Love?” at #DemocracySummer2020. The powerhouse group teamed up with one of their favorite organizations, Rock The Vote, on June 18 to help the cause they’ve supported for years: encouraging young voters to register, and go to the polls! The group — including, 45,, 45, Taboo, 44, and amazing new addition J Rey Soul –kicked things off with their sexy summer hit that had us grooving in our living rooms!

“We have a long history with Rock The Vote,” said during a brief speech between songs. “It’s super important for the youth to go out and vote for your voice to be heard. If you can go on TikTok then you can go out and vote. If you can go on WhatsApp you can go out and vote. If you can use Instagram — you can instantly vote and change America.” The Los Angeles native added, “because if you don’t we’re always going to have to say ‘where is the love?’” in reference to the groups’ breakout 2003 hit.

The group then performed the track — which features Justin Timberlake on the original recording — for the #DemocracySummer2020 audience. The song, which earned a 2004 Grammy nomination for Song of the Year, was released as commentary on world issues. “People killin’ people dyin’ Children hurtin’, I hear them cryin’? Can you practice what you preachin’?”

Prior to the virtual festival, the group released a statement explaining why they were so eager to take part: “We’ve been riding with Rock The Vote for a long time,” they said. “Now more than ever, voting is key for longterm change. The youth vote is going to decide the future of America. It’s not just our duty, but our honor to spread the word in an election year. Get out there and let’s make history together!” How cool is that?

Rock The Vote partnered with a bevy of voters rights groups for the two-hour event, including Michelle Obama‘s When We All Vote. They were joined by an eclectic group of performers and speakers, like co-headliner Katy Perry, who all had the same goal in mind: registering people to vote before the November 3 presidential election. In fact, the event was held to kick off a new initiative. Rock The Vote, in partnership with When We All Vote and others, are aiming to register 200,000 people over summer 2020.

The Black Eyed Peas have worked way too hard over the years for you to NOT show up at the polls in November. Make (and your country) proud and register to vote. It’s easy — you can do it by filling out the form below!

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