'Blue Bloods': What's in the Beer Bottles on the Show?

The Reagans are usually seen having wine with their dinner on Blue Bloods. But things aren’t always what they seem on television. Sometimes the family members drink beer, and one of the stars answered what’s really in those beer bottles. 

Danny Reagan was seen drinking beer on ‘Blue Bloods’

“Guardian Angels” showed Eddie (Vanessa Ray) getting attacked while on the job. Jamie (Will Estes) felt a lot of guilt around this, and Danny was there to talk to him in Frank’s (Tom Selleck) kitchen. 

Danny tried to assure Jamie it wasn’t his fault. But Jamie didn’t believe it, given he’s Eddie’s sergeant and didn’t handle the situation himself. Jamie asked Danny what he would do if someone attacked Linda (Amy Carlson).

Danny admitted he would have thrown the guy off a roof at one point. But he has changed this season, and things have changed where a police officer would definitely get in trouble for doing that. Jamie did get his revenge but in a different way.

Fans noticed Danny was enjoying a beer during this conversation. They then wondered what was really in the bottle.

Are the actors drinking real beer on ‘Blue Bloods’?

A fan took a picture of Danny and his beer and tweeted asking what was in the beer bottle. “Water, usually. #BlueBloods,” Wahlberg answered back. 

Another fan then asked, “What about the wine bottles? Grape juice?” The actor tweeted, “yup.” The label of the beer is tough to read to figure out what kind of beer it is. There is a good chance it would be a fake brand, given the show has a history of using fake brands for alcohol in the past. 

The fact that the actors are really drinking water is probably not surprising to fans, given it would be hard for actors to do their job while drinking real alcohol. They also try to limit the amount of real food they eat in scenes.

The food for the dinner scenes is real

Restaurants tend to cater food for the dinner scenes. The actors don’t try to eat that much food while filming because it doesn’t last very long.

“Dinner scenes are long; they can be boring [to film] because you repeat the same dialogue and eat the same food—which gets pretty gamy—for eight hours,” Selleck told TV Insider. 

Also, once you’re seen eating something, you’ll have to eat it repeatedly until they fully get the scene. It’s a good thing dinner is mostly about the conversation between characters and not eating. So now fans know when characters are drinking “beer,” they’re really just getting hydrated.

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