Boost your chances to climb up the career ladder in 2022 by applying for jobs in these sectors

WITH more than a million vacancies across the UK, there’s no better time to look for employment – but some sectors offer more opportunities than others.

Many industries are in urgent need of entry-level staff, with the chance to quickly climb up the career ladder.

To help you find your 2022 move, we’ve teamed up with the Government’s JobHelp online platform to reveal the areas with the most openings.

Next week we’ll have all you need to know to successfully apply for a job in the new year too.

Employment Minister Mims Davies said: “There are exciting flexible and inclusive working options out there, for people at any age or any stage of their career.

“The Find a Job Portal (findajob. really means you don’t need a Christmas miracle to connect with thousands of brilliant local roles ahead of the New Year.”

The top six sectors to apply to in the year ahead are:

TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS: With more than 110,000 jobs on offer, it’s the sector where you can find work fastest. Some roles, like HGV driving, require several months of training but others such as warehouse assistant are a great starting point. Former soldier Steven Eden, 45 trained for his HGV Class 1 licence with Veteransinto Steven, from Lower Ince, Greater Manchester, was hired by Asda Logistics Services four days after passing his test. He said: “Landing this job put a boost back into my life. I’ve never been happier. I got myself in the frame of mind that I’m doing this because I want a decent job. If you want to achieve something, get stuck in and get your goals done. Stick with it. It’s the best move I ever made.”

CONSTRUCTION: The post-lock-down building boom has seen demand for construction workers soar, with some 69,000 vacancies up for grabs.

AGRICULTURE: Often overlooked, this sector is vital to the economy. There are more than 1,500 roles at /agriculture

HOSPITALITY: A role in this sector can equip jobseekers with a great range of transferable skills, and qualifications such as hospitality diplomas and health and safety certificates. Choose from 70,000 open vacancies across the UK.

DIGITAL AND TECH: From gaming to IT to support to research and development, the UK is a powerhouse of digital talent but more people are needed. Take your pick from 15,000 open positions.

ADULT SOCIAL CARE: This diverse sector offers jobs across social, medical and residential care. With an ageing population, the number of opportunities is only going to grow. There are more than 100,000 on offer today. Find out more at See

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THE hardest vacancies to fill are for vets, with more than half of openings for highly qualified applicants still going begging after 60 days.

Optometrists are the next toughest to find, with 48 per cent of positions unfilled over the same period, the study by jobs site Indeed found.

This is followed by 45 per cent for senior auditor and animator jobs and 40 per cent for estate agents.

Bill Richards, UK MD at Indeed, said: “The top spots typically require people with specialist skills and advanced qualifications, which in many cases take years to acquire.”


MORE than three million households got a new pet during lockdown and over half of new owners are aged under 35 – meaning millions of animals are left at home while their owners work.

Here Kate Palmer, HR advice director at employment law firm Peninsula, advises on how to create a pet policy at work.

She said: “It may be helpful for employers to weigh up the pros and cons of having pets at work before deciding to either allow it or refuse it.”

  1. Employers may wish to insist pets are inoculated against infections before being allowed at work.
  2. Pets should have a good temperament and be under control, as they will be around other employees.
  3. It is important for bosses to provide pet-free zones. Not all staff like animals and some may have allergies.
  4. With coronavirus still a threat, employers are likely to have a strict cleaning routine, but pet areas should be kept clean by their owners.
  5. All firms will need a complaints procedure. While many staff members may delight in the arrival of pets in the workplace, others may not.
  6. A “one pet a week” rule. Rather than filling the office with several different types of animals at once, it may be more suitable to limit this.


LIBERATION GROUP has 132 pub jobs. Vacancies include for chefs, porters, bar staff and front of house.



DELIVER yourself a new role in 2022. GXO Logistics is creating 5,500 jobs.

There are 720 posts available across Staffordshire at the company’s sites in Lichfield, Stoke-on-Trent and Tamworth, with others being added at 240 sites across the country.

Jobs include warehouse operatives, operations managers, inventory controllers and drivers.

GXO chief Gavin Williams said: “We are increasingly using data analytics, AI and robots and are looking for talented professionals.”

To apply for a role, email [email protected], or text GXO DRIVERS to 60060.


FOUR SEASONS HEALTHCARE GROUP has 800 jobs up for grabs, including in care, nursing, kitchen, admin and activity roles.


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