Breastfeeding mums are challenging those who tell them to cover up in public

Pregnant women’s bodies often seem to become public property once their bumps get to a certain size. And that intrusion doesn’t stop after the baby is born, with people voicing concerns over when or where mums should be breastfeeding.

We’ve seen plenty of examples of new mums being shamed for feeding their babies in public – from chefs having a go at them in cafes, to Ryanair stewards telling mums to stop feeding.

But Emily Sophie, 26, is no longer prepared to be shamed for breastfeeding.

She uploaded footage of herself and friends throwing away cloths and blankets to demonstrate how hard it can be to support your baby and cover up at the same time.

‘If my breastfeeding offends you, feel free to put a blanket over your head,’ she captioned the photo – challenging other mums to join in on the now viral challenge.

Her video, the latest Don’t Rush Challenge (set to the tune of Don’t Rush by Young T and Bugsey), has now been viewed over 45,000 times and shows Emily and eight other mums breastfeeding their infants.

One of the mums, Tiffani Tim Galicza, told the Daily Mail that they were ‘all strangers from up and down the UK, never met or spoken before but are all part of a breastfeeding support group on Facebook’.

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‘Emily put a status u asking if other mums in the group would be interested in taking part as a way of shedding the stigma around breastfeeding.

In the videos, mums are shown as tired – attempting to cover up their babies’ heads before suddenly getting a glow-up – free from any baby covers.

‘We’ve had lots of messages from other breastfeeding mothers who have said they don’t have the confidence to feed without covering up,’ said Tiffani.

‘I mean, it’s a pain, and we don’t eat while being covered so don’t see why the babies should have to.

‘As long as we’re aware of people and our surroundings and are respectful of others around us, I’m not sure why there is such a taboo around breastfeeding.’

And it’s fair to say that they’ve given other new mums a morale boost via the video too.

One mum commented: ‘This makes me so happy – go girl! Just got to two years with my daughter and pregnant with baby two, almost half way. I hope to tandem feed. Breastfeeding is amazing and nobody should have to hide it.’

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