Bride gobsmacked as mother-in-law changes into white sparkly dress for reception

When it comes to weddings, there's a number of unwritten rules, especially with outfits.

Wearing white is a big no-no, although it's one of those things that happen by mistake – or deliberately.

One bride is now going to remember her big special day for all the wrong reasons and it's the groom's mum to blame.

She wrote on Reddit: "At my wedding, my mother-in-law did a dress change in the middle of reception to a white sparkly dress."

The woman said how her and her husband took his mum dress shopping to find an outfit that would fit perfectly.

After picking up "several flashy dresses or very short, inappropriate dresses" they finally settled on a garment they all liked.

But at the wedding, the bride's brother-in-law noticed a second dress hanging up.

She asked the groom's brother to not let his mum change into it, so he hid it in the car.

The woman added: "She threw a fit and ended up changing into it anyway.

"Several guests at the wedding made comments about how ridiculous it was that she did a dress change as if she was the bride.

"She said after the fact that she 'needed to do the dress change because it was HER day too as the mother of the groom'."

The woman continued: "She has said 'how dare we RUIN this day for her as it is her special day too by trying to stop the change'."

Now it's been a year since the incident and the mother-in-law still talks about the dress change every time they see each other.

And she even demands the new-wife to apologise for trying to stop her from changing.

She concluded her post by asking users whether she was in the wrong, but unsurprisingly the majority took her side.

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One joked: "You should plan like four outfit changes for Christmas Day all sparkly white. Kill it with comedy."

Although a second admitted: "Personally I would apologise.

"And it would go like this: 'MIL [mother-in-law], you're right, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't succeed.

"If you ever try to pull a stunt like that again, I won't fail. Because I'll destroy the dress. It wasn't your day, it was mine and your son's."

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