Bride-to-be appalled after discovering what fiancé engraved on wedding ring

When it comes to weddings, traditionally you'd expect them to be quite romantic – after all, it is a grand declaration of love.

But sometimes a partner can do something very small to ruin the whole thing.

One woman thought her husband-to-be had pulled of the perfect proposal and got her the most beautiful engagement ring and matching wedding band.

Then on the big day, she discovered the cheeky chap had gone rogue and decided to get a message engraved on the silver ring for his future wife – and it wasn't exactly a quote from Shakespeare or Byron.

Before saying "I Do" and slipping the shiny piece of jewellery onto her finger in front of all her friends and family, the bride was able to read the inscription.

Her dirty-minded partner had written "Yes, Jen I still want them," on the inside of her ring.

The "them" in the engraving of course is referring to oral sex.

Jen revealed all in a ring shaming Facebook page, admitting she wanted her husband to be shamed for his actions.

Many people liked and commented on the post, with some getting a good laugh out of it.

One person replied: "Omg lmao."

Another wrote: "That's funny!"

A third added: "It better still say that."

Someone else branded the whole thing "hilarious".

But others were less than impressed by the engraving.

"Just buy a nice ring. No inscription needed," responded a different user.

"Yeah. If a bloke had given me a ring with that inscribed in it back in the day, I'd have shoved it firmly up his a**e," proclaimed a second.

"This is absolutely gross and not even close to funny! Your husband clearly has no respect for you," said one very unimpressed person.

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