‘Britain’s hardest man’ says ‘Is that it?’ after being beaten by four thugs

A man who was being beaten by four thugs refused to defend himself and instead asked them "Is that it?" after they turned his face into a bloodied mess.

Footage of the violent incident shows the victim being repeatedly punched in the face and thrown to the ground outside a Birmingham pub as screaming staff try to break the group up.

It is not known when the incident happened but it was uploaded to a Facebook page with the caption: "Where's the fair play here?"

It was filmed outside a Greene King pub called the Hunters Moon in the Hodge Hill area of the city.

The clip shows a man in the yellow shirt being hounded by a group of men.

The man in the shirt takes his glasses off before the grey-haired man starts punching him in the face.

The man takes the punches, shrugging them off, and walks out towards the car park as a pub worker desperately tries to stop the feud.

He is then approached by a larger man in a tracksuit who starts punching the man across the face multiple times.

Another hooded thug kicks the man from behind and punches him across the face which topples the man in the shirt, before two men punch him whilst he’s on the ground.

One of the attackers screams in the face of the man after he gets up: “Listen you will f **  die! You’ll die bro. I promise you. I promise you!”

The skinny man is then seen carrying what appears to be a metal bar in his hand as the man in the shirt continues to stand up to his assailant.

His face has been covered in his own blood, but continued to walk towards them, until the gang left.

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times with the beaten man winning the adulation of the commenters.

Tony Maughan said: “Seen cowards, but never so many together bouncing on their toes giving it the bigness as though [they are] boxers, big lad hardly moved when they hit him, only one winner there.”

Grant Duke added: “Four on one and they still [had] to tool up.”

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