Britain’s ‘loneliest man’ aged 29 fears women shun him because he has Asperger’s

Britain's “loneliest man” is desperate for a date after spending 15 unlucky years ­trying to find love.

Damian Littlefair, 29, is on a mission to go on his first ever date before his 30th birthday in two weeks.

But he fears women shun him because he has Asperger’s syndrome.

The lonely lad said: “I feel like I’m missing out on the whole world.

“I feel like things are moving forward for other people and not for me.”

Damian, from Darlington, has been trying to find a partner online since he was a teenager.

But he finds communicating hard and struggles to chat to new women.

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The 29-year-old said: “It takes me a while for things to sink in and for me to ­understand things, and I do sometimes get a bit confused and easily upset.”

Damian just wants “someone I can be myself with” who will “accept him” for who he is.

His dream date would be “a meal at the pub or a walk in the park” with a “feminine” and “girly” woman with “long hair and slim build”.

He added: “I feel lonely. I live on my own, however I had it in my head that when you do get a place of you find someone you love and you have it together.

“I want to share my life with someone.”

Damian has applied for The Undateables and has pinned all his hopes on landing a place in the Channel 4 show.

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