British shorthair cat with scoliosis makes the Internet swoon

Don’t call me a fat cat! Grey feline whose body is short and round due to scoliosis is waddling happily through life after she was saved from being put down

  • Pitoe, a British shorthair born with scoliosis, has won the hearts of the Internet
  • Her owner, Marie, explained she took Pitoe in as a kitten and cared for her  
  • Feline’s spine is severely twisted, but she is in no pain and her organs work well

A rotund feline who looks as if she’s indulged in one too many dishes of cat biscuits has become a viral sensation.  

Pitoe, a four-year-old British shorthair, was taken in as a kitten by the grandparents of veterinary technician Marie from Belgium, who shared the story on Reddit, revealing how they saved her from being put down with the rest of her litter. 

The cat’s spine is seriously deformed due to scoliosis, which makes her body to look short and round, but doesn’t cause any other health concerns.  

Marie explained that Pitoe walks with an endearing waddle, but she’s not in any pain, and  she’s not fat – simply round. 

‘She has a serious waddle, but she can move about just fine! She can’t jump, but she can climb like a pro and does it quite often,’ she explained. ‘All in all, she’s a playful little kitty, just in her own way. 

Pitoe, a four-year-old British Shorthair, was taken in as a kitten by the grandparents of Marie, a veterinary technician from Belgium, who shared the story on Reddit

After Marie shared adorable video of Pitoe during playtime, Reddit fell in love with the ball of fluff, which prompted Marie and her grandfather to create an Instagram account for the pet. 

The cat-lover explained that Pitoe first came into the family of vets to be put down.  

‘She was part of a ‘bad litter”,’ she explained. ‘A lot of them had issues, and then we found out about Pitoe. She was supposed to be put down, because [the breeder] couldn’t sell a kitten like this, and no one knew how she was going to do.’

Marie explained her grandparents love animals, but were unsure about getting a cat.  

Pitoe’s spine is twisted due to scoliosis, but fortunately, she is not in any pain, and all her organs are in the right place 

Marie shared a picture of Pitoe’s X-ray which shows the extent of her scoliosis, She joked she had ‘noodle bones’

‘They feared one would jump over the balcony and harm himself,’ she said. 

But Marie’s mother realised that Pitoe probably wouldn’t be the most active kitten.

‘She asked that instead of ending her life, she could try giving her to my grandparents,’ Marie recalled. ‘Match made in heaven! She surprised all of us with how active she is,’ she added. 

Marie shared videos of herself playing with Pitoe, on Reddit. The cat quickly won the heart of the online community 

Marie explained that Pitoe was ‘pain-free’ and added she had a waddle and could not jump, though she climbed like any other cat 

After the success she met with videos of Pitoe on Reddit, Marie created an Instagram account for the feline 

Pitoe’s scoliosis cause her body to look round and short. Marie added that while Pitoe looked overweight, it was only due to the shape of her body

‘We knew about her issues before she ended up in our family, and it’s because of her issues she did,’ she said. 

She shared videos of Pitoe laying on her grandparents’ carpet, which quickly went viral, as Reddit swooned over the adorable pet.   

Marie added that while Pitoe looks overweight, it is due to the shape of her body.

Reddit fully embraced the adorable cat and her heartwarming story.  

‘Aww I have scoliosis too. Never knew it could affect cats,’ one said. 

‘I just love this kitty,’ said another. 

‘I would lay down my life for this cat at a moment’s notice,’ one wrote. 

Some Reddit users said they would ‘lay down [their[ life’ for Pitoe in a heartbeat after Marie shared the adorable videos

The cat now enjoys online celebrity, with her Instagram account gaining more and more followers by the day 

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