Bumble user gives hot tip on single word that makes guys reply ‘every time’

A Bumble user has been told she's the "Queen of bare minimum" after claiming there is just one word needed to get men to reply to messages.

The dating advice was labelled foolproof by other women on Bumble who said they hadn't had much luck in sustaining men's attention after the match until trying the method.

Sara, a singleton from Canada, says: "I'm telling you right now – just say their name. That's all you have to say.

"Best to start with 'Hey what's up?' Have them respond and then respond with just their name."

When people in the comments were confused and didn't know what they should say if the men replied again, Sara told them to "just ask them a question about their profile".

The video has been watched just under one million times since Sara uploaded it onto her @sarabellem5TikTok last month and it has received many positive reviews from women in the dating game.

One user said: "Why did I just try this and it WORKED for multiple guys? I hadn't gotten responses on Bumble in weeks."

But another user argued the bar was set low and said: "You can send a middle finger emoji and half these dudes will respond."

Someone else joked that Sara should be crowned as the "Queen of bare minimum".

Meanwhile, other women flocked to share their own dating app pro tips from pick-up lines to flirty behaviour.

A woman said: "The best one I came up with is 'roast or compliment?' They all say roast so I destroy them and then they fall in love."

"I’ve been using the line Do you like bagels? Because you’re bae goals and it’s done so well." said a second.

Someone else said: "I used to give men unsolicited dirty looks at bars to see if they would approach me. Never failed."

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