Capricorn traits: Is Capricorn an Earth sign?

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Capricorn is the 10th sign in the zodiac and got its name from the constellation of Capricornus. Capricorn people are born between December 21 and January 20. Is Capricorn an Earth sign?

Capricorn is the father-figure among the 12 signs of the zodiac.

This sign is responsible and serious, especially compared to its predecessor Sagittarius.

Capricorn has excellent willpower and hates doing anything in excess.

You’ll rarely catch a Cap overindulging when it comes to alcohol, food, or anything else.

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Capricorns need structure and a plan, they’re not the type to do something spontaneously.

They are concerned with tradition and doing the right thing – they rarely break the rules.

Capricorn can therefore come across as quite stiff and upright rather than just responsible.

Their desire to listen to authority figures and their elders makes Capricorn a very mature and obedient sign.

Capricorn people are ambitious but realistic, which is why they tend to achieve so much in their lives.

This sign works extremely hard to get what they want, and they’re happy to graft in positions they feel are below them to get there.

Capricorns are always on time and they make an organised plan to ensure everything gets done on time.

Their discipline is something to be admired, and a Capricorn will never let greed, laziness or anything else get in the way of their goal.

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Your Capricorn friend will be embarrassed if you are rude, unprofessional, or behave in a manner that they don’t deem acceptable in public.

Capricorn is concerned with what is and isn’t appropriate, and they can seem very old-fashioned in their ways.

Even in more relaxed settings, Capricorns have trouble letting go and dropping their professional mask.

There is some snobbery around this too, and Capricorn likes to surround itself with the finer things.

Is Capricorn an Earth sign?

Capricorn is an Earth sign, just like Taurus and Virgo.

These signs, as the name suggests, are down to earth.

They’re grounded, practical and reliable.

Unlike air signs, earth signs are concerned with the here and now rather than the future.

They like to feel comfortable in general and secure in their finances.

An earth sign will calm you down and bring you back to reality.

Earth signs have a balanced temperament and can be sarcastic.

This conservative element can be quite conservative though, struggling to take risks and chances.

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