Car rental company faces fresh complaints from tourists despite vow to improve

One of Europe’s biggest car hire firms faces a new deluge of complaints despite ­promising to clean up its act.

British holidaymakers say Goldcar forced them to pay hidden charges and billed them for damage that wasn’t their fault.

A new voluntary code came in this year meaning headline prices must match the final prices.

But campaigners say this is being ignored.

London-based Aussie bar worker Michelle Linke, 28, was charged a further £360 for airport tax, fuel deposit, tax and extra insurance on top of the £120 she had paid Goldcar for a six-day hire in Barcelona.

Michelle said: “I asked several times why I had to pay these and why they were not in the contract.”

Goldcare charged retired policeman George Heron, 57, and his wife Louise, 44, of Durham, an extra £600 for a cigarette burn on the driver’s seat of their Seat Ibiza in Majorca – even though they don’t smoke.

George said: “The cigarette burn was there when we hired the car because I photographed it.”

Greg Kirsch, 29, of Walsall, also photographed a damaged bumper when he picked up his Renault Megane in Malaga, but got a £320 bill when he returned it to Goldcar.

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