Celebrity Kids Whose Costumes Never Disappoint on Halloween Night

Happy Halloween! See which celebrity children always steal the spotlight from their parents with their cute, cunning and captivating costumes.

Sending out a major cuteness alert! 

Of course, an essential (and maybe the most fun) part of every Halloween celebration is a cute costume. Whether you started planning weeks ahead or the day before, dressing up is a fun and festive way to get out of character, look back at the top pop culture trends of the year, feel a little spooky and kick off the rest of the upcoming holiday season.

Some of the most iconic looks from this holiday ritual have been sported by Hollywood's top talent. Remember Kendall Jenner's famous take on one of the Fembots from Austin Powers? Or maybe you're still shook from Heidi Klum and husband Tom Kaulitz's take on ogre couple Shrek and Princess Fiona?

No matter which celebs you have in mind, sometimes the most flavor can be found in a fun-sized package! Not to be outdone by their grown-up parents, several celebrity kids have taken this tradition to the next level of cuteness.

Whether they're matching as a family or doing their own festive thing, these kids are not messing for Halloween.

Although the cherished holiday may look a little different this year and not every kid will be out there trick or treating, we can't help but look back on a few young stars who didn't disappoint with their costumes in recent years. 

From Khloe Kardashian's daughter True Thompson, to Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna Stephens, scroll below to see some of their best looks.

This basketball family turned their attention to Pixar in 2019 for Halloween. Dressing up as the iconic group of characters from Toy Story, their adorable kids, Riley, Ryan and Canon Curry truly stole the spotlight! 

Anyone feeling thirsty? The adorable Keeping Up With The Kardashians duo dressed up as common household items around their place: Fiji Water and Perrier! 

The Lizzie McGuire star posed with her son and little LEGO man in 2017 for Halloween! Hey cuteness!

Pictured in 2017, the Jersey Shore star showed off her adorable kids as the iconic Addams Family. That's officially the smallest Pugsley Addams rendition we have ever seen!

The Black Eyes Peas singer posed with her son as Tinker Bell and Peter Pan for Halloween in 2017. Off to Neverland!

Pictured in 2018, the duo posed for a tribute to father and uncle Kanye West for Halloween! Looks like they have some big shoes to fill—and some big T-shirts! 


Look at these giggling pirates! In 2017, the "So What" singer celebrated the spooky season by dressing up as a family. Her kids might be the cutest first mates we've ever seen!

The Hart family came to play with a full rendition of the Minion clan from Universal's Despicable Me in 2018. Front and center, the Jumanji star's kids made for the most adorable minion members!

This Friday the 13th star opted for a major throwback with his family in 2018. Surrounded by his pink ladies from Grease, Crosby, Millie and Everett Hansen completed the costume. Step aside, Dad!

This fierce duo from Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed off their stripes in a matching tiger costume in 2018. Who knew they would be so ahead of the times pre-Tiger King!

The Today show co-anchor posed with her fellow bubble bee for Halloween in 2018.

This Bachelor in Paradise couple used a little less conversation and a little more costume action for their ode to the King for Halloween. Just check out the passion in Brooks' wig!

Khloe Kardashian's cutie rocked this baby sized Oompa Loompa costume for Halloween in 2019. Someone call the Chocolate Factory because this little helper deserves some candy!

In 2019, the country singer sported a pink Care Bear outfit while her sons dressed as the Grinch and "Max" the dog. Time to swing by Whoville!

The super girl rocked her Halloween costume in 2018 while mom, Chrissy Teigen, captured the special moment!

This iconic Keeping Up With The Kardashians family coordinated a special group costume to recognize the age old classic, The Flintstones, in 2019! Even Pslam West, who was just five months old at the time, participated in the festivities! 

This makeup mogul took a moment to celebrate the special October holiday with her darling daughter dressed as a dynamic, superhero duo!

The HGTV star posed with his Selling Sunset relator boo and his two children before going out for some Halloween fun in 2019!

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