Charlotte Flair: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Superstar Who Left Ronda Rousey Battered & Bloody

Ronda Rouse barely survived ‘Survivor Series,’ as Charlotte Flair unleashed a brutal beating on the former UFC star. As the WWE recovers, here are some facts about the ‘Queen’ of the ring.

Charlotte Flair may not have won her match at Survivor Series on Nov. 18, but Ronda Rousey came out of the battle looking like hell. The “Baddest Woman on the Planet” was left with a bloody mouth and a fat lip after catching an elbow to the jaw. As the action spilled outside of the ring, Charlotte attacked Ronda with a Kendo stick. Ronda was awarded the win via DQ, but that didn’t stop Charlotte’s onslaught. She attacked Ronda more with the Kendo stick before delivering her “Natural Selection” move to Ronda on a chair.

After driving the former UFC champ’s head into the steel, she wrapped the chair around Ronda’s throat before delivering a devastating stomp. The carnage has reminded many that though she’s no longer the SmackDown Women’s champion, she’s still the “Queen” of the WWE, so here are some things you may not have known about her.

1. She totally won “Show & Tell” as a kid. Being the daughter of the biggest wrestlers in the world — “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair — has its perks. Rich, when speaking on his former podcast WOOOOOO! Nation, said that Charlotte once got the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage to go to her first grade classroom as part of “Show & Tell,” according to WrestleZone. Having “Macho Man” shout “ooooh, yeaaaah” beats any geode or conch shell.

2. Her first on-screen appearance wasn’t in a WWE ring. Since debuting with the WWE in 2012, Charlotte has become synonymous with the company’s “evolution” of women’s wrestling. Gone are the dramatic theatrics – and misogynistic “bra & panties” matches – of the prior “Divas” eras. Instead, Charlotte has led the company in revolutionizing its attitudes towards women’s wrestling, to a point where there are rumors that Ronda and Becky Lynch’s delayed match could headline WrestleMania. Yet, the world’s first on-screen appearance wasn’t with the WWE.

The world got its first glimpse of Charlotte – or, of Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr – at WCW’s Starrcade 1993. A 7-year-old Ashley was there to celebrate with her father, Ric Flair. As a teen, she would help her father and her brother, David Flair, battle Vince Russo in WCW in 2000. She even had a key role Ric’s match against Russo in 2000’s The Great American Bash. While she would make her debut as a wrestler more than a decade later, Charlotte’s first wrestling appearance, fittingly, was with WCW.

3. She and Lance Storm would own you in beach Volleyball. Prior to signing a developmental deal with the WWE in 2012, Charlotte was a certified personal trainer in Charlotte, North Carolina, per WrestleZone. Considering her athletic background, this is no surprise. She captained the Providence High Volleyball team from 2004 to 2005. She pursued the sport to Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. It’s a shame that former WWE Superstar Lance Storm is no longer with the company, because he also was an expert volleyball player in his youth. Maybe the WWE can set up a tourney for next summer

4. She honored her late brother with a tattoo. Charlotte has multiple tattoos on her body. Her first ink was a pair of outlined hearts on her hip. Her second tattoo was one she got with her sister, Megan. Coincidentally, both she and Megan were getting divorced at the time, so they both got a Biblical quote – “Guard your heart above all else, for it will determine the course of your life – on her side. However, the tattoo that may be closest to her heart is the cross bearing the name “Reider,” in tribute to her late brother, Reid Fliehr. Reid passed away in 2013 from an accidental overdose.

5. She’s been divorced…twice. In 2011, Charlotte divorced Riki Johnson after multiple incidents of domestic violence, which she wrote in her joint-biography, Second Nature.”Riki was the hardest to write about,” Charlotte said, per ESPN. “It was hard because I never dealt with it. I’m embarrassed and ashamed and why would I let myself go through something like that? If you would have talked to me six months ago, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through the interview without crying. I was still so raw, and even when talking about Reid I can feel it in my throat but I’m stronger now.”

Charlotte was married for a second time, this time tying the knot with Thomas Latimer, better known to wrestling fans as Bram. Their divorce was finalized in October 2015.

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