Cheer's Jerry Harris Gives a Mat Talk to the Country: Live 'with an Attitude of Gratitude'

Cheer's Jerry Harris is giving the world some much-needed mat talk!

While video chatting with PEOPLE senior editor Janine Rubenstein for an upcoming special, Cheer: In Conversation, the young cheerleader — famously known for his uplifting pep talks on the mat — offered up some of those words of wisdom to the nation.

"I would definitely say try to start your day reminding yourself of your blessings, whether it be little, big, small, whatever, everyone has blessings. Everyone," Harris said.

He also encouraged people to "always surround yourself with people who will uplift you and always be that person that can uplift others as well."

"Things may be hard right now but there are a lot of things to be grateful for, so live your life with an attitude of gratitude and just keep pushing, that’s all you can do," Harris added.

Harris also admitted that he never expected to have so much screen time on the show, but that it was "really nice to see."

"I loved seeing the reaction from everybody else. People are just so inspired and how they're so motivated and how each of our stories hits different to each and every different person," he added. "It's truly amazing to see what has come from this show."

Cheer is still available to stream on Netflix. Meanwhile, Cheer: In Conversation is now available on FYSEE TV.

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