Chef shares cooking tips to make your family meals Michelin star quality

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Cooking is something that most of us have to do every single day to put dinner on the table for our families.

And, it can be a drag if the kids don’t like the food or you’re always making the same old dishes every day.

But, if you want to improve on your home cooking and impress the family with some restaurant quality meals it’s hard to know where to start.

Luckily, expert Robert Thompson, founder of premium meal kit service You Be Chef, has revealed some of his top tips for making Michelin star quality meals at home.

Check out his top tips below:

Taste as you go

He told the Daily Star: “Flavour first, presentation second! For me its all about the taste and it's vital to try the food you are making before serving up.”

Always taste your food before adding more salt, sugar or spice – that way you can find the zing point where the food simply sings with flavour! And, remember you can always add, but you can’t take away.

If you do add too much salt to a liquid dish then try throwing in a peeled potato as this will absorb some of the saltiness.

Too much spice? Throw in a sprinkle of sugar or a little dairy to reduce the burn!

Aim for simplicity

Robert added: “Simplicity wins through. Our dishes have as few elements as possible but always enough to ensure there are a range of flavours, textures and colours.

“Adding too much to dishes can make them confusing and hard to understand from your guests’ point of view.”

So, if you want to make a really beautiful dish try and limit yourself to buying a few high quality ingredients like a great salmon fillet, free range eggs and creamy butter rather than attempting something overly complicated.

That way the flavours will shine through!!

We love a well-seasoned pasta puttanesca, steak with some green vegetables done in garlic and mustard or even a grilled cheese made with camembert, blackberry jam and rocket.

Prep your food first

Next, Robert noted: “Food prep is key. Get all of your ingredients out on the counter first and ideally measure anything out before diving in.

“It’s so much more relaxing to cook with everything to hand.

“Also, make sure you have a pad and pen to hand to write down key timings and points. I have endless scribblings!”

Getting the cooking times right makes all the difference between an impressive meal and one that’s dry, burnt or features lacklustre vegetables. So measure out your ingredients, tidy up and then begin cooking.

This method is called mise en place and is used by chefs world wide.

Use the right tools

The chef added: “A chef’s tools are so important! Invest in a good set of pans and ideally a good non-stick pan and griddle pan.

“The best ones to use have handles that can go into the oven which saves on having to use casserole dishes, meaning less washing up!

“Also, keep your knives sharp, a few stokes on the steel every time you use them will keep them honed to perfection. If you just sharpen them on special occasions, you'll always be fighting to get that lovely cut.”

Here at the Daily Star we love the Always Pan by Our Place – it works as a frying pan, wok and steamer and nothing ever gets stuck or burnt on the bottom.

And, having a sharp knife makes cooking much easier as you’re not sweating by the time you’ve finished the chopping! So, please, get rid of any rusted pots and take a sharpener to blunt knives.

Make mistakes & clean up

Robert commented: “Mistakes are part of the journey. Don’t panic when things don’t go to plan.

“If a dish doesn’t work out as planned, you just have to accept that it's a journey and embrace it. I love that each day is different, ingredients are not always the same, recipes evolve constantly.

“Also, clean as you go. A messy kitchen means you'll be stressed and that in turn means less time focusing on the job at hand. Clean worktops make it so much easier to lay everything out and keep your cool.”

Remembering that it’s OK to get things wrong and cleaning up so you’re not feeling frazzled will make all the difference to your mindset and your cooking.

Plus, try something new without worrying you'll get it wrong – like bibimbap or Thai larb!

It’s also much easier to forget that something is on the hob or in the oven when you’re surrounded by mess so get your ingredients prepped, wipe the sides and then begin.

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Cook with the family

Finally, Robert said: “Make cooking a family affair. My passion for food comes from Sunday family lunches, making pizza together using my dad’s secret dough recipe.

“If you can involve other people in the cooking, it adds so much enjoyment to the process. Equally if it's just you or you can only focus with an empty kitchen, cook along to the weekly videos where you'll find top tips direct from an expert.”

So, get all the family involved in the process and your kids might even become chefs themselves one day (so you can get actual Michelin star meals at home without all the work).

You can learn from leading chefs and amaze yourself and your guests with a Michelin quality meal, from the comfort of your own home with You Be Chef. Featuring weekly-changing menus, all bursting with in-season, quality ingredients, You Be Chef create engaging step-by-step recipe videos for the weekly set menus and extra dishes, adding a truly personal touch to the experience.

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