‘Christmas is the new Halloween – women should dress up sexily as men love it’

Shirley Flynn has claimed that Christmas is the new Halloween and that all women should dress “sexily” for the festive season.

40-something Shirley often posts busty snaps of her 38J boobs on Instagram and has previously claimed that TikTok discriminated against her due to her large chest after being banned eight times.

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, Shirley has found that her 29,000 Instagram followers are drooling at the mouth for her sexy Santa snaps.

The curvy influencer from the West Midlands has spoken exclusively to the Daily Star about how women can get men’s hearts racing this Xmas.

She said: “Every woman should wear a sexy Santa outfit over the festive season to keep the cold depressing winter nights warm.

“Christmas now is becoming like the new Halloween. Women can dress sexy and bring the Ho Ho Ho into Christmas…the men love it.

“My followers are absolutely loving my Santa outfit, especially one follower who said I have the hottest figure.

“And one said it was beyond sexy and would like to fill my stocking.”

But despite the adoration from her male followers, Shirley still claims that insecure women have it out for her.

She admitted: “I still get hate, especially now I've been all over the media. I've had people make fake accounts to bully and troll me.

“I get sent nasty hate comments both on my Instagram and Facebook but I know it's from jealous insecure women who wish they could do what I do but don't have the confidence or balls to do it.”

Shirley previously told us that women with small breasts are jealous of her and her busty chest.

She explained: “Most hate comments I receive are from fake accounts or small breasted women.

“Well I think these people are insecure about themselves and that comes down to jealousy.

“Some people call my boobs fake and that annoys me because my boobs are not fake.

“They think I have had plastic surgery on my boobs, they seem to think that women with a large chest have fake boobs, which is not true.”

But what does next year have in store for Shirley and her busty boobs – something along the lines of world domination.

“My plans for 2022 is to become more successful and to become a huge social media influencer around the whole world.”

You can also follow Shirley on Instagram here.

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