Colton’s ‘Bachelor’ Escape Was Way More Emotional Than Anyone Could Have Predicted

Everything on this season of The Bachelor will be divided into the time before Colton Underwood jumped over the fence and after Colton Underwood jumped over the fence, and on Monday’s episode, fans finally got to find out what happened after. As it turned out, that included a lot of the producers, Chris Harrison, and various other crew members searching the streets of Portugal for Colton without much immediate success, and for once, fans truly got to see something that was unlike anything we’ve seen on The Bachelor before — and they took to social media to voice their thoughts. Tweets about Colton leaving The Bachelor are all the proof you need that this show has truly gone off the rails, but after more than 20 seasons, wasn’t it only a matter of time before it happened?

The whole thing was pretty wild, and it was a side of the show that had never really been shown before… probably because a situation like this had never really happened before. But they legitimately could not find Colton, even after getting in a car and searching, and it wasn’t until they spotted a "dark figure" walking down the road that they realized they had located him. Even then, he didn’t seem all that willing to chat until he and Chris were able to sit down one-on-one, and the entire first part of the episode was just bizarre.

Some people couldn’t stop talking about the way in which Chris was looking for Colton:

Were the calls fake, though? Maybe, maybe not. Unless Chris decides to fill us all in, we may never know.

And others pointed out that this seemed to be straight out of an episode of Unreal on Lifetime.

Others pointed out exactly how those of us watching at home were feeling while watching this portion of the episode:

And this one mentioned the conversation Chris might have been having with Hannah G., who was the only contestant who didn’t quite get a fantasy suite date because of what went down with Cassie and Colton’s subsequent disappearance:

And Chris’ need to stay on task:

The actual hunt for Colton was also a big topic of conversation on Twitter, especially the methods with which producers used to try to find him. Some of them were exhausted from all of that running around, some of them were cussing a lot (hey, it was a stressful situation) and some of them were using very professional terms (like "dark figure," apparently) to locate Colton.

But hey, they got the job done, didn’t they? And that’s what really counts.

It was a pretty wild way to kick off the two night finale for sure — and that’s just the beginning. Maybe now that Colton’s broken the ice, we’ll start seeing more things like this on The Bachelor in the future? Judging by the fan reaction, it doesn’t seem like that would be a bad thing at all.

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