Colton’s Instagram Message For The Remaining ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Is Salty AF

Colton Underwood might not be on The Bachelorette anymore, but he has a message for the remaining contestants. Before Monday night’s episode aired, Colton shared an Instagram message for Becca’s final three, and it’s just as sassy as you might expect. After all, Colton’s definitely had his opinions about the other men all season, and this is no different… and being that he was a bit blindsided by not getting a rose last week, honestly, should fans have expected anything less?

In the picture, Colton is posing with Garrett, Jason, and Blake, all of whom have made it to the fantasy suite dates. "Good luck with my ex girlfriend tonight guys," he wrote in his caption. Whoa, Colton. Whoa. To be fair, it seems like his post is all in good humor (and it’s actually a pretty cute photo of all of them together), but it’s definitely at least a little bitter, right? In Colton’s position, anyone might be having a hard time seeing their competition continue to date the woman he was pursuing on national television… you know, the girlfriend who sent him home just a week earlier.

Here’s the Instagram post in all its glory, which, admittedly, makes it look like they’re about to drop the hottest album of 2018:

And truly, it seems like Colton’s post was all in good fun, and fortunately, that seems to be the way the other guys have taken it. So far, both Jason and Garrett have commented, with Jason sending laughing emojis, adding, "you funny," and Garrett writing, "hahah classic." If there’s one thing that this franchise has taught us all as fans, it’s that the friendships that come from being on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette can often outlast the romantic connections that are made on the show. And where these four are concerned, it seems like all is still good between them.

For what it’s worth, fans seemed to love Colton’s post, too. Many commented tagging their friends to make sure their Bach-loving pals caught the photo, and others were adding how funny they thought his caption was, how much they love Becca’s final four, and even some posted that they hope he’s the next Bachelor.

Being that he’s set to appear on Bachelor in Paradise this summer (along with Tia Booth, for the record), that might not be in his future, but at this point, anything could happen.

Colton might not be on The Bachelorette anymore, and it seems like his romantic future is very much still hanging in the balance when it comes to Tia or anyone else he could be interested in. But while he was still on the show, he definitely made his mark on both Becca and fans of the show, so it doesn’t seem like he’ll be forgotten anytime soon, especially not if he brings it on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. And judging from the promo that has already been released, it certainly seems like that will be the case. We’ll find out for sure in August.

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